Ankeny, IA—A recent study on a branded ingredient (EpiCor from Embria Health Services) found that the immune health ingredient may also be beneficial for gut health.

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kids cartoons eating habits

Bangkok, Thailand—It’s no surprise that children are easily swayed by what they see on television, but a new study published in Nutri t ion & Dietet ics found that a cartoon can influence children to eat more vegetables.

Because natural foods are still on the fringes of society, natural products retailers need to guard against creating the feeling of an exclusive club inside their stores.

The good news is that nutrition can greatly reduce injuries and soreness, while improving performance at the same time.

Food recalls really hit home with Americans. From tomatoes to spinach to peppers and now to eggs, recalled foods that should be healthy and safe have us feeling suspicious and misled.

Life is an evolution, as we move throughout the stages of development and aging. From puberty, females tend to have more complicated life stages than men, physiologically speaking. 

From a sales standpoint, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. So, as a retailer, it can prove highly beneficial to know more about these forms of medicine and some key associated herbal supplements that may benefit your customers’ needs.

egg recall

Galt, IA—The month of August saw yet another food recall, this time due to a Salmonella enteritidis outbreak in eggs.