gnosisGnosis Chocolate adds a new flavor, Pomegranate Açaí, to its pre-existing 14-flavor line of raw, organic, dairy-free and handmade chocolates. According to the company, raw chocolate is antioxidant rich, offers an array of neurotransmitters (like serotonin, dopamine, anandamine, PEA and arginine) and is a naturally high source of magnesium.

LundbergFrom Lundberg Family Farms comes Heat & Eat Brown Rice Bowls. Get your daily dose of whole grains in three varieties:  Short Grain Brown Rice, Long Grain Brown Rice and Countrywild Grain Rice. Each package  is USDA-certified organic, precooked, gluten free and kosher.
SRP: $2.79 per 7.4-ounce package.

Bob's Red MillFrom Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods comes Hemp Protein Powder and Hulled Hemp Seed. Hemp Protein Powder has 43% protein, dietary fiber and essential amino acids. Hulled Hemp Seed is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. “The hemp seed may be one of nature’s most perfect foods,” says the firm.

ApplesauceFrom Luvli Foods comes Smashies, a no sugar added squeezable applesauce that provides one whole serving of fruit. Smashies is made from a blend of organic red and golden delicious apples. “Packed in portable, convenient no-mess pouches, they are perfect for lunchboxes or on-the-go families,” adds the firm.
SRP: $1.49.

Allergy Friendly Foods, LLC launches Allergaroo, a new allergy-friendly, gluten-free, all-natural, pre-made microwaveable meal pouch. Meals come in Spaghetti, Chili Mac and Spyglass Noodles. Each 8-oz. package is free of casein, potato, sesame, sulfites, milk and soy.
SRP: $3.99–$4.29 per 8-ounce package.

Nature's PathNature’s Path Organic Foods presents FlaxPlus Vanilla Almond Granola, which contains flax seed, an excellent source of omega 3s, as well as fiber, zinc, iron, vitamin E and calcium. Organic vanilla extract gives it a sweet and tasty flavor.
SRP: $3.49

One with NatureOne With Nature has evolved from making natural bar soaps to include its liquid hand wash, body wash and body lotion in the firm’s Dead Sea Minerals line. According to the company, Dead Sea Minerals can stimulate blood circulation, nourish and revitalize skin cells and detoxify. Scents include: Lavender, Shea Butter, Peppermint and unscented Dead Sea Mud.
SRP: $7.99–9.99.


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Back to School, Back to Nutrition

We all know the best parts of the school day: recess, naptime and, of course, lunch! There are concerns, however, that lunchtime over the years might have become too much about fun and less about nutrition.