Are you Ready for an FDA Inspection?

It’s 3:00 on a Friday afternoon and most of the key management is off-site at a meeting. A uniformed (and unexpected) team of people enters the lobby and introduces themselves to the receptionist as U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials, here to conduct an inspection.

Join the Dream Team

Nothing makes for a grumpier mood than a night of restless, barely-there sleep. Getting a good eight hours of Zzzz’s is far more than just preventing the embarrassment of nodding off during a board meeting. We need sufficient sleep for a healthy, refreshed mind and body, inside and out.

Cleaning Green and Greening Clean

You treasure your family and friends. You are helpful and friendly even to strangers. But, let’s be honest. Being green is the new trendy way to be a friend—the slew of eco-friendly cleaning, kitchen and bathroom products on the market prove it.

It’s almost that time of year again—the sweltering summer months, when millions take to the beach and tan. Article after article, we read headlines about the value of wearing sunscreen.

Antioxidants. Chances are, you’ve heard this term thousands of times because of their importance to overall health. Given the broad (and possibly overwhelming) selection on the market, it may be tough to figure out how to select the best antioxidant supplements to add to your daily regimen. Here’s where vitamin C comes in. You’ve certainly heard of it before; you probably even know that oranges are full of it. But, do you fully understand how this antioxidant powerhouse works and why you need it?

Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D.

Enough is enough! There was an onslaught of misinformation generated by the media when the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT), a study of the role of selenium in prostate cancer, was halted in October 2008. The media incorrectly reported the termination of the study as evidence that selenium does not reduce the risk of cancer. The fact is that a large body of scientific evidence shows that several selenium-containing nutrients do reduce the risk of many types of cancers.

Last month, we began our conversation with Dr. Leon Schurgers about vitamin K2 with a discussion of the “calcium paradox,” in which so many people have harmful calcium deposits form in their arteries at the same time that the calcium content of their bones is decreasing. This calcium paradox is not a result of too little calcium in the diet, but of too little vitamin K2 that largely controls where the calcium goes. The objective is to keep calcium in our bones, not in our arteries. This is the role of vitamin K—putting calcium in its place!

Lactobacillus acidophilus. Bifidobacterium lactis. Saccharomyces boulardii. These are the names of good bacteria that make their home in your body. These probiotics, and others, may be just the boost you need to lead a healthier life.

Veggin Out

If you’re interested in growing your grocery sales, try planting some seeds in the vegan section. Though vegans comprised a small group of shoppers years ago, a 2006 poll indicates it has branched out to include nearly 1.6% of all Americans (1). At roughly 4.2 million people, that’s about the population of the entire island of Puerto Rico!