Back to School, Back to Nutrition

We all know the best parts of the school day: recess, naptime and, of course, lunch! There are concerns, however, that lunchtime over the years might have become too much about fun and less about nutrition.

Making a Splash

Beverages are an enormous part of our lives. We have coffee to wake us up or use as an excuse to meet a new date, tea to relax at bedtime, drinks with friends and family for special occasions, and juice with breakfast.

Supercharging Foods With Extra Nutrition

Pills. Capsules. Powders. Tablets. Sigh. While these are great options for many consumers, others are looking to add a little spark to their dietary regimens. Fortunately, functional foods offer a great option for those who want to boost their diet with foods that are delicious and extra nutritious.

Veggin Out

If you’re interested in growing your grocery sales, try planting some seeds in the vegan section. Though vegans comprised a small group of shoppers years ago, a 2006 poll indicates it has branched out to include nearly 1.6% of all Americans (1). At roughly 4.2 million people, that’s about the population of the entire island of Puerto Rico!

Everyone has been faced with the dilemma of whether to choose convenience over health. Luckily, consumers don’t have to choose anymore, especially when it comes to healthy snacking on-the-go. Companies are recognizing the need for healthy, portable snacks and creating new formulations and packaging to make life easier for us all.


The next time you catch a client looking longingly at your chocolate selection, remind them that good things come to those who indulge wisely. Many of our industry's most succulent delicacies not only treat our mouths, but they also boost our spirits and give our bodies nutrition.

Carb Highs and Lows

Ever notice how important historical movements sound even more impressive when given a great name? The Age of Enlightenment. The Napoleonic Era. The Middle Ages. The Low-Carb Era.

Artificial Sweeteners Sent to the Sidelines

Today’s consumer is not one who will willingly take the good with the bad if there is a better option. This holds true in all aspects of retail. For instance, who wants a CD player when you can have an iPod that holds all of your music, takes pictures and doubles as a phone?

Setting an Allergen-Free Table

If you’ve noticed additional foot traffic in the special diets section of your food aisles, your store is right on track with the growing trend of consumers looking for healthy, allergen-free meal choices. And, they’re not settling for just anything.