WillowPads introduces a line of reusable feminine pads made from organic cotton flannel. The pads are gentle on the environment and skin because they do not contain any plastic. Available in natural and black;
WillowPads natural are undyed and unbleached and WillowPads black contains low-impact dye.
Published in WholeFoods Magazine, September 2009

A basic foundation of a house includes a cement slab on the ground to hold a frame structure, walls and a roof. Without the basics, your house will fall apart and fail at protecting you from the outside world and the weather.

Conventional wisdom may dictate that ingredients in shampoos and conditioners are more or less the same. Well, think again.

It’s almost that time of year again—the sweltering summer months, when millions take to the beach and tan. Article after article, we read headlines about the value of wearing sunscreen.


There’s no mistaking that natural health and beauty care (HBC) is a booming industry. Here, we discuss the latest developments to keep in mind when selecting personal care products for your store.

 The skin is our largest organ, yet it is the organ most likely to be taken for granted. Its simple appearance belies its complexity; skin is an intricate arrangement of several layers of cells, nerves, blood vessels and glands, all held together by a fabric or matrix of protein and carbohydrates.

Those who choose to fight their cancer with traditional treatments often experience physically and visually uncomfortable changes in the body.

Tired of worrying that your cosmetics might actually be detrimental for your skin? So are the millions of American women who have begun purchasing mineral-based makeup (MBM), thereby helping this product category become one of the hottest trends in cosmetics.

For thousands of years, indigenous Australians have used the leaves of the paper bark tree for its medicinal properties. Stories have long been told of healing lakes used by the Aborigines, now known to be bodies of water in which leaves of the paper bark tree had fallen. Today, consumers have this ancient remedy readily available to them in the form of tea tree oil (TTO), the increasingly popular essential oil derived from Malaleuca alternifolia.