What makes you decide to shop in a store? If you need diapers for the baby, maybe you don’t need to get in the car and drive to a brick-and-mortar location. You know the brand, style and size you need, and you can save time and possibly money by simply going online and finding the best deal. Today, shoppers have begun to choose the channel they shop based on which products they need, and when they need it. Commodities, those everyday consumables like diapers or single-serve coffee brew cups, are increasingly coming from online sources, as consumers realize they don’t need to waste time and gas, fight traffic and brave bad weather, just to replace ho-hum everyday products.

San Francisco, CA—The widespread practice of industrial fracking, a drilling process used to enhance oil and natural gas production, may seem like a far off concern. It may seem like a subject for those engaged in debates about how we should provide our nation with energy. But with the controversy surrounding its potential side effects, and the negative impact it may be having on communities across the country, one could argue fracking warrants more attention from ordinary citizens.

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Princeton, NJ—As part of a new strategy to reclaim some market share from competitors, Whole Foods Market is testing out a customer loyalty program in its Princeton, NJ, store. Shoppers can use a mobile-phone application to earn points for discounts and promotions. The test program is slated to last for six to eight months, with plans to expand to Philadelphia if all goes well. The program could roll out nationally in 2015.

Sugar Land, TX— Dietary supplement manufacturer Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation hosted Congressman Pete Olson of Texas’s 22nd District on a tour of its headquarters to show the growth and sophistication that has taken place in the natural products industry.

East Windsor, NJ—Raw materials maker Sabinsa Corporation has announced the formation of a new division devoted exclusively to animal nutrition.

Ronkonkoma, NY—Supplement manufacturer and distributor NBTY has received two Gold level national awards at a ceremony hosted by the Golden Bridge Awards, one for Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year and another for Employee Communications Campaign of the Year.