Ankeny, IA—Industry supplier Embria (maker of immune health ingredient EpiCor) has released new data showing that cold and flu symptoms get in the way of intimacy in the bedroom.

Landing, NJ—New data published in PLoS One suggest that a branded curcumin (BCM-95 from Dolcas Biotech, based here) may have some positive effects on cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Researchers hypothesize the nutrient sensitizes cells to chemotherapeutics so the treatment is more effective and may also have some direct effects on cancer cells.

Silver Spring, MD- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released their its proposed Nutrition Facts label to replace the current one that has been deemed outdated.

A recent trend popping up in health food is that of boxed snacks sent to customers’ doors on a monthly basis. Online-based snack companies are packaging dried fruits, seeds, nuts and other nutritious goodies and shipping them out to their customers each month. Some pre-made packages come in themes like “Healthy Holiday Habits” and “Around-the-World Snacks,” while other online companies let you hand-pick which snacks you want delivered.

An annual growth rate of 41% is highly impressive for any business or industry. Would you believe that fair trade and eco-friendly products are currently seeing just such an explosion? The good news comes in a report called The State of Sustainability Initiatives Review 2014, compiled by a coalition of fair trade and sustainable development groups. It presents an optimistic outlook for sustainability standards and certifications and the companies that choose to pursue them. Some areas that need improving were also identified.

When the alarm clock rings on March 6, there’s a good chance you’ll be saying, “Good morning, Anaheim!” From March 6 to 9, more than 60,000 natural products industry members will once again convene at the Anaheim Convention Center for Natural Products Expo West. This iconic industry event offers the chance for attendees to learn about new products, get educated on important issues, learn some new merchandising tips and mingle with friends old and new.

News and notes from industry suppliers.

hives vitamin d

Omaha, NE—A two-year study out of the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) shows a prominent decrease in the symptoms of chronic hives as a result of vitamin D3 supplementation.

kamut celiac

Big Sandy, MT—A third and final paper on a branded khorasan wheat (Kamut) shows that those with non-celiac wheat sensitivities may tolerate the ancient wheat better than modern wheat.