Gluten-Free Pasta ($20.00, 216 pp) by Robin Asbell includes more than 100 fast recipes for gluten-free, low- and no-carb pastas. The book is broken down into subcategories like Sauces, Baked Pastas and Soups. Recipes include Potato Gnocchi, Primavera Pasta, Greek Lamb Pastitsio, Fast Pho and Delhi-Style Greens and Pasta.

Nataranjan Ranganathan, Ph.D., and Herny D’Silva, Ph.D., have written Probiotics and Kidney Health ($5.95, 44 pp), which explains how probiotics may be able to help those with chronic kidney disease by filtering out uric acid, removing other toxins from the body and providing an opportunity for the functioning kidneys to rest and heal. Charts and diagrams make the guide easy to fully understand.

Probiotics For Dummies ($16.99, 192 pp) by Shekhar K. Challa, Ph.D., board certified gastroenterologist, has all the information on how probiotics can support the immune system, alleviate allergies and support a healthy digestive tract. The easy-to-follow guide includes a breakdown of the types of probiotics as well as two dozen probiotic-rich recipes for entrées, snacks and desserts.

Written by Mark C. Houston, MD, MS, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Heart Disease ($14.99, 305 pp) details a comprehensive, easy-to-follow program about: the early signs of heart attack, the link between blood sugar and heart disease, “good” and “bad” cholesterol and ways to fight heart disease naturally.

Why Diets Fail ($24.99, 240 pp) by Nicole M. Avena, Ph.D. and John R. Talbott, explains the science on how to recognize a sugar addiction, how to end sugar cravings and lose weight to get healthy. The pitfalls of conventional diets are discussed, as well. Included is a sugar equivalency table that ranks sugar content in hundreds of common foods.

For a food-based guide to anti-aging, look to Younger Next Week ($16.95, 304 pp) by Elisa Zied, MS, RD, CDN. A guide to feeling “younger in 7 days,” the book includes ways for women to fight inflammation, enhance immunity, stop mood swings and promote healthy weight-loss, as well as 30 easy-to-make healthy recipes.

Start your day with Whole-Grain Mornings ($22.00, 184 pp), a collection of new breakfast recipes by culinary educator and writer Megan Gordon. The 65 easy and wholesome recipes are beautifully pictured throughout the cookbook and include sweet and savory options like Cherry Hazelnut Quinoa Bars, Greens and Grains Scramble and, simply, The Very Best Oatmeal.

Seedswap ($16.95, 128 pp) by activist Josie Jeffery is as its subtitle says: A gardener’s guide to saving and swapping seeds! It fully explains how to harvest seeds from your garden and eventually grow plants from your own seed stash. Perfect for first-time gardeners, Seedswap includes a glossary of plants and simple instructions.

The many benefits of comfrey are highlighted in a new book by Holly Lucille, ND, RN, The Healing Power of Trauma Comfrey ($8.95, 80 pp). The guide offers a safe, effective and simple way to use the plant comfrey to address pains such as sprains, strains, wounds and back pain. Lucille explains how comfrey may be a good alternative to pharmaceuticals.