Tools for a Tune-Up

Of all the systems that compose the human body, the immune system is the most awesome, hands down. Its complexity—the wide array of cells that have specific jobs to do, working in harmony with one another—is simply amazing.

A Natural Metamorphosis

All stages of a woman’s life are distinct, yet they blend seamlessly. During puberty, the menarche gives rise to fertility and the monthly hormonal cascade, followed by childbearing years and potential pregnancies, which in turn are followed by peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause.

Nutrition in Sight

Too often, we don’t fully appreciate what we’ve got until it’s gone. In retrospect, we’d consider trading our most prized possessions to recapture a lost friendship, a great job, a fond past time or good health. Though it’s often taken for granted, vision is what we rely on most to take in the world around us.

herbal supplement

Herbalism has often seen the scorn of the American people, its stigma raising images of superstition, witch doctors, hippies, smoke and mirrors. However, many people don’t realize that herbs are the original sources for at least 25% of all pharmaceuticals (1).

Edging Out the Competition

Bigger and better is the American way. Many of us have super-sized our homes, our cars, our stereos and our televisions to keep up with the Jones family next door. A little competition can be healthy, but it can have serious consequences when it becomes extreme.

Revitalizing Youth

Citizens throughout our nation are slowly realizing that our choices, and those that we make for our children, have serious consequences. A wave of media attention surrounding the children’s health sector seems to have marked the natural products industry as the key to promoting health for younger generations.

Getting Time On Your Side

The body isn’t one for subtleties. Eat greasy food late at night and chances are your stomach will have informed you of your bad decision by morning. Internal batteries running low? Your eyes (and under-eye circles) will tell the story of late nights and lack of sleep.


A honking horn in traffic. A tapping foot in a long line. Another beer. A closed door. Everywhere we look, there are signs of an epidemic of bad moods and bad behavior—we are a nation suffering a 32% incidence of anxiety, depression and drug problems (1).

Reaching New Heights in Supplement Innovation

What’s old is new and what’s new is old. The ingredients in natural supplements are, in most cases, as old as the Earth itself, but the industry is far from stagnant.