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Arnold Coombs is a seventh generation sugarmaker and Director of Sales & Marketing at Bascom Maple Farms and Coombs Family Farms. The Coombs family began working with maple more than 150 years ago. When Arnold was three, he began riding behind the tractor while his dad and grandad tapped trees. Soon enough, he was working in the sugarbush himself. Today, Bascom Maple Farms sources its maple from over 3,000 small family farms that share its commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, and sustainable forestry management. Bascom Maple Farms is the leading independent supplier of pure and organic maple syrup and sugar in the United States. In 1853, the Bascom family first tapped the sugar maples found on their small family farm. The farm has been passed down for eight generations, each generation sharing their passion for maple and maple sugaring knowledge onto the next. In addition to ingredient sales, Bascom Maple Farms provides private label maple syrup and maple sugar products and ingredient sales to some of the country’s largest retailers and brands, including its own brand, Coombs Family Farms. For more information about Bascom Maple Farms, visit www.maplesource.com.

High Demand, Supply Challenges: Maple Crop 2021

Long before it was called sustainable agriculture, the Bascom family farmed its sugarbushes sustainably. It’s been seven generations now, and the Bascom family is...