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Corey Scholibo, Co-Founder & CMO, Repurpose

Corey Scholibo is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Repurpose, the leader in plant-based tableware. After attending film school at USC, Corey got his start in marketing in the entertainment and luxury goods industries, working on major films and high profile brands from Ben Stiller to SKYY Vodka and Tiffany & Co. Drawn to activism, he went to The Advocate, the nation’s leading LGBT newsmagazine. Corey served as Arts & Entertainment editor and handled the magazine’s marketing and public relations. There he generated awareness about social inequities and fought fiercely for LGBT rights. Today, Corey applies those same principles to saving the planet. Marketing campaigns and sales pitches are less about gimmicks and more about how everyday products can change consumer behavior and make meaningful environmental change. Advocacy, legislation, and lobbying are all part of the heavy lifting to heighten consumer awareness. Instead of selling a product, Corey often finds himself selling the Repurpose mission of achievable environmental change. “Climate change can be an overwhelming challenge, and we need to align with a collective approach to act, and frankly cope,” says Corey. “The Repurpose path starts with accessible, practical solutions we all can make every day. We meet consumers where they are to create the changes we all need.”

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