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You know Agricycle’s vertically-integrated supply chain? Jacob Foss built it. As COO, Jacob established and oversees our supply network and works with our global team to ensure smooth operation and logistical victories. He also manages the certification process, compliance requirements and global industry standards. Prior to Agricycle Global, Jacob created over a dozen supply chains of various dried specialty ingredients, and he co-authored the first global industry report for fonio, the world’s most ancient grain. With his experience in supply chain management, one would never guess he graduated from University of Wisconsin - Madison with a BS in Kinesiology. Upon graduation, Jacob entered the Peace Corps and worked as an agricultural extension officer in a rural community in Ghana. Jacob worked with his community on a variety of projects including sustainable agriculture, gender equality camps and small business ventures like jewelry making and beekeeping. He might have been best known for his ability to act as a mobile jungle gym for kids in the neighborhood. After completing his term of service with the Peace Corps, Jacob created a grain distribution business with his community aimed at providing steady income for isolated farmers in Northern Ghana as well as reliable food sources for boarding schools to begin on time and avoid the typical month long delays.

Let’s Talk About Food Loss

Growing up, my mom would tell me to eat everything on my plate before leaving the dinner table. “Don’t let all of that goodness...