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Celiac Disease, NCGS (Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity), Wheat Allergy, and Noxae Defined

Ever wonder how many billions of dollars go into protective gear for workers? Mechanics, painters, coal miners, … it’s a pretty long list. The...

Stopping the Autoimmune Domino Effect

Slumped over tea that smells like rotting compost: “Why can’t this be a decadent rich caramel caffè macchiato? But no, food issues and one sickness...

Detox or Damage Control: 3-Minute Cheat Sheet and Supplement Guide

As the holiday parties come to a close, for some people, the sleeping bears of allergic and autoimmune reactions come fully awake. Gluten, lactose,...
Specialty Diets, Holiday

Specialty Diets during the Holidays, How to Enjoy Safely

Snow, Christmas lights, and of course cookies, cakes and eggnog… unless of course you’re avoiding gluten, dairy, and sugar. I’m usually all about science. After...
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Your Brain on Gluten

Imagine losing years of your life diagnosed with depression, schizophrenia, admitted into psychiatric wards, placed on medications that are heavy enough to put down a...
Celiac Disease, Jaqui Karr

The Celiac 1% Myth and Why the Real Numbers Matter

You need to know the real gluten facts because people at all stages of illness are constantly crossing your path and they think they’re...

The Irrefutable Facts about Glyphosate and Gluten Reaction

Word on the street is that gluten isn’t bad; that glyphosate and only modern wheat and how we process it is the true evil....
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Gluten and Specialty Diets: Science and Solutions

Editor's Note: With consumers' increased interest in foods for sensitive diets, WholeFoods Magazine is debuting an online column about  Gluten and Specialty Diets: Science and Solutions, written...