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Kate Hanley is an author and success coach who helps smart people up their impact with less stress and more enjoyment. She’s been featured in Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, Fortune, and is the author of the new book "How to Be a Better Person" as well as "Stress Less, A Year of Daily Calm," and "The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide."

5 Ways to Make Your Resolutions Stick for the Long-Term

Whether your resolutions apply to your personal life—being healthier, saving more, reducing stress—or your business life—raising revenue, building a stronger team, increasing customer satisfaction—it’s...
Your Brain on Gratitude

Your Brain on Gratitude

Why do so many books and articles implore us to strengthen our gratitude muscles? There’s more to it than the fact expressing thanks is...
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Tiny Moments of Mindfulness Can Deliver Big Anti-Anxiety Benefits

As a personal development coach with a specialty in incorporating mindfulness into real life, I work with a lot of clients who have tendencies...