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Nirmal Nair, CEO and Founder, Sempera Organics, Inc.

For more than a decade, Nirmal Nair has been pondering fungi, food and wellness. He purchased a farm with Redwoods “just for fun” while working as CMO at Clickatell, a global technology leader in mobile messaging and commerce, where he coined the term “chat commerce” and helped double revenues from $50M to over $100M. Through it all, fungi were always in the back of this foodie’s mind, as he wondered how he could completely upend its visibility and elevate it to its rightful place in the world of delicious healthy eating. This quest fueled his founding of Sempera Organics in 2020. From his initial training as a mechanical engineer to software to digital video to mobile to food and nutrition; Nirmal has built his career paving new paths. He’s got big plans on the horizon for Sempera. 
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