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Ruth Stedman, CEO and founder of Grocery Pup

Grocery Pup CEO and Founder, Ruth Stedman, adopted her pup Lola with her husband Javier while they were students at the McCombs Business School at the University of Texas-Austin. Lola, an adorable Pomksy, quickly became the center of their family. Similar to how they choose their own food, they knew they wanted Lola to have a fresh whole foods diet. However, Lola didn't like raw food and Ruth and Javier weren't entirely comfortable with it either. Ruth started looking into creating a lightly cooked food option that would deliver the nutritional benefits of raw without the risk of raw. After researching many cooking options, Ruth settled on a sous-vide cooking process. It's a unique low-temperature cooking process that retains the nutritional value of the ingredients like raw food but eliminates any harmful pathogens. It also delivers a flavor boost to the food, a nice added bonus for picky eaters. Today, all of Grocery Pup's meals are made in a USDA human food kitchen to guarantee it follows the same safety and quality standards as human food. It uses meat that's antibiotic free, no hormones added and Non-GMO vegetables. It’s Ruth and Grocery Pup’s mission to build a community of health conscious dog-owners who hold their dog food to as high of a standard as the food we consume.

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