10 Key Reasons to Join the IPA Community

    1. Speak with one voice at an international level

    As a member of the International Probiotics Association (IPA), you will be able to have your opinions represented through the activities organized by the IPA which target a wide audience, including global institutions, scientific communities, consumer associations but also national authorities, consumers and trade associations. To do so, the IPA relies on solid national and international networks.

    1. Establish regulatory frameworks that are pertinent to the probiotic sector and increase awareness of probiotics among key decision makers across the globe

    To overcome the shortcomings of the existing regulation and better address the challenges the probiotic sector is facing, the IPA is putting forward a roadmap covering political, regulatory, and scientific areas.

    Through concrete plans and coordinated actions, the IPA seeks to ensure that probiotics are being promoted to Commissions, Parliaments, and Member State governments. More specifically, the IPA actively contributes to public consultations and as such gives the probiotic industry a voice in the design of future guidance, legislation and regulation.

    1. Establish a clear global framework to better address probiotic issues

    Join the IPA and support its efforts to promote a harmonized legal framework that will address the category “probiotics” as per the guidelines set forth in the FAO/WHO report.

    1. Improve the consultation process

    Enable the probiotic marketers, manufacturers and other key stakeholders to receive direct feedback, via pre-submission meetings and public consultation by improving the consultation process through an active and open dialogue with regulatory bodies such as FDA, EFSA, Health Canada, Anvisa and others.

    Develop scientific standards for the recognition of benefits of probiotics and adopt guidelines for the assessment of probiotic microorganisms that are aligned with the FAO/WHO recommendations for probiotics.

    1. Promote the highest manufacturing standards and the science behind probiotics

    Members of the IPA focus on ensuring that good manufacturing practices are applied with quality assurance and shelf-life conditions established for all their products. Furthermore, the IPA collaborates with scientific partner organizations on common goals and liaises with globally recognized scientists to better promote science in probiotics.

    1. Drive innovation and facilitate the growth of the probiotic industry

    The IPA helps bring clarity and vision regarding the strategy of the probiotic category across the globe. The probiotic sector is now becoming the driving force for innovative products which contributes to growing the global economy.

    1. Leverage unique insights and analysis related to legislative changes

    The International Probiotics Association provides its member companies with insights into the dynamics of power shifts and legislative changes within international bodies, which may have an impact on its members’ activities.

    The IPA not only keeps a close eye on policy developments, debates and media coverage, but also offers its members informed analysis and interpretation of the latest regulatory developments to help make strategic decisions.

    1. Participate in the Leaders Forum

    By joining IPA, you will be part of a unique forum of worldwide leading probiotic companies and industry innovators.

    1. Benefit from networking opportunities and collaboration with key stakeholders

    Members are encouraged to participate in the Committees of the IPA (e.g. Regulatory, Scientific, Technical, Marketing and Communication Committees) to provide their expertise in reviewing and discussing industry issues and to develop guidelines, position papers and other materials. The IPA is also developing key partnerships with other trade associations directly or indirectly involved in the probiotic area. Moreover, the IPA organizes relevant workshops allowing its members to network with key associations, scientists, international bodies and experts, and to exchange ideas and information on health benefits and scientific aspects of probiotics.

    1. Access in-depth information on key developments and market data for the probiotic industry

    The industry currently faces many challenges, which require close monitoring of all decisions related to probiotics at an international level. The IPA will ensure that its members are kept abreast of the latest developments affecting the industry such as: regulatory requirements, criteria, scientific assessments, communications and labelling.

    Why Join the IPA

    What does the IPA do and why should you join?

    The non-profit International Probiotics Association (IPA) supports its members’ efforts to establish and develop their markets globally, through education and advocacy about the safety, benefits, and quality of probiotics, as well as research and innovation that continues to drive the industry.

    As a member of the IPA, you will have access to these incredible benefits:

    Join the rest of the international key players in promoting probiotic awareness and science around the globe.

    Your company logo and website link on IPA’s “Member Companies” section.

    Exclusive access to current news about industry issues, regulatory affairs and science through the restricted section of the IPA website (not available elsewhere).

    IPA’s logo on your website.

    Networking with other industry members as well as the probiotic healthcare and scientific community.

    Participate at the Board of Directors through elections and make decisions.

    Be a part in the developing of the program for every IPA World Congress.

    Discounts to several probiotic meetings.

    And much more…

    Have a voice

    Establish standards for the industry.

    Network with different regulatory bodies around the world such as FDA, EFSA, Health Canada, ANVISA and others.

    Develop possible regulatory frameworks.

    The International Probiotics Association (IPA) is an international organization bringing together through its membership the probiotic sector stakeholders, from academics, scientists, health care professionals, consumers, industry, and regulators. IPA’s mission is to be the unique platform where all these stakeholders interact and collaborate to increase probiotic awareness among all users and help enable the probiotic industry’s sustainable growth.

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