5 Tips to Make Your Q4 Succeed on Amazon

We spoke with Rachel Greer, founder of Cascadia Seller Solutions, to get her Q4 top tips for merchants on Amazon.com. Cascadia is a consulting firm that provides solutions for small- and medium-sized enterprises to protect and build their brand on Amazon.

1) If you’re brand registered, update your Storefront with testimonials and current videos for Q4. Put your new items and top sellers towards the top of your Storefront so no one has to hunt for your best items.

2) For Fulfillment By Amazon sellers, get your shipments in now! Fulfillment centers get backed up this time of year and you don’t want to miss Black Friday [Nov. 24] or Cyber Monday [Nov. 27]. If you’re late, don’t despair — the top buying day for Christmas is usually sometime around Dec. 17.

3) Write great blog content that appeals to your target audience, then run Google Retargeting Ads against those site visitors with a great picture of your product and “Available Now on Amazon!” People know and trust Amazon; your products and brand will benefit from the association with a trusted brand name like Amazon.

4) If you can make a “gift bundle” type product; make one! This time of year, nearly any kind of gift bundle will sell. People are shopping for corporate gifts, their second cousin’s kid they see every other year, their mother-in-law, and their boss — a gift bundle is an easy way to show you care without too much effort.

5) Prepare your compliance documents, pictures of your products, and information about your sourcing, packaging, and compliance. If your listing is taken down in Q4 due to a customer complaint, you want to be able to submit the requested information as quickly as possible.

Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 10/31/17

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