Denmark to Become the World’s First 100% Organic Country


The Danish organic industry began more than 25 years ago. The Danish organic movement now claims that the purchase of organic foods has helped to remove more than three million kilos of poisonous substances from the environment while protecting the Danish water supply from hazardous chemicals.

According to Statistics Denmark, the country has the world’s highest market share of organics. Currently, 7.8% of all food sales are organic. Denmark also has the world’s highest level of organic trade and development, with organic trade increasing by 200% since 2007. The leading export countries are Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and France.

In 2015, more than 53 million euros were earmarked to expand organic farming. By 2020, the Danish government intends to make Denmark the first country by law to have 100% organic agriculture, offering plans to double the amount of land cultivated using organic methods.

The Danish organic vision includes serving 100% organic meals to the Danish government minsters as well as offering organic foods in schools, business settings and health institutions.

Denmark is ahead of the world in educational realms as well, promoting a reform of the current educational system to include courses in nutrition, healthy eating and organic farming. Denmark is one of 19 European Union countries who have officially chosen to Say No to GMOs by opting out from growing GMO crops and effectively banning GMO crops in their countries.

Simi Summer, Ph.D. is an independent researcher, educator, and freelance writer. She is a strong proponent of organic consumer education and informed consumer choices.

Posted 1/4/2016