From Obscurity to Mainstream: Healthy Foods Accelerate at Fancy Food 2016

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Walking the Summer Fancy Food Show June 26-28 at the Jacob Javits Center I noticed that so many ingredients have gone from obscurity to mainstream since the West Coast winter show in January.

Chickpeas for one were all over the show floor this year with brands like The Good Bean and Biena leading the category.

Seeds have become trendy and the “superpower” of the seed (vs. a nut) having the ability to birth a living plant is gaining widespread acceptance and we love it.  4somehealth introduced new protein super seed smoothies that are nutritious and really delicious!

Quinoa is now in virtually everything from snacks and smoothies to prepared salads.  Go Go Quinoa is making staples like pastas and burgers.

Here are some other trends I spotted at this year’s Fancy Food show:

Eating Good Vibration

I really have a place in my heart for food brands that are formulated for “true energetic vibrations”, like Tru Vibe Organics— a raw organic superfoods brand—formulated for true vibrant health as well as true energetic vibrations. Creating food for nourishment, they are committed to spreading positive energy, generating vibrant health and what is more important and healing than that? Did I mention everything is delicious and nutritious and the packaging is great?!?!

Dairy Is the New Divide

Like meat, some still indulge in dairy but are becoming more particular.

I saw a lot of cleverly branded kefirs and lassies this year, with Cupful leading the pack. Making grass-fed kefir, yogurt and farmers cheese, Cupful promotes a healthy lifestyle, takes care of their animals, is aware of their impact on nature, and is socially responsible.

Some people are swapping out cheese on the cheese plate with mouthwatering honeycombs like Savannah Bee’s that makes a gorgeous presentation and becomes the topic of conversation whenever served. With many other products, Savannah Bee has created a superior standard of specialty honey—the culmination of a 35-year search for the best.

Trace Your Fish

It’s no secret reading food labels and knowing where your food comes from is important, and choosing wild or farmed when it comes to fish does matter. Tonnino Gourmet Tuna, sourced wild from Costa Rica, uses prime yellowfin tuna for its delectable fillets—ensuring sustainability as well as flavor.

Listed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium/Seafood Watch as one of their “safe choices,” SeaBear’s Wild Alaskan Salmon comes in ready-to-eat form, dinner fillets and traditional lox. Salmon and other fish are vacuum-sealed in SeaBear’s patented Gold Seal pouches, which keeps the fillets fresh. Also offering a range of products to accompany or season the fish, SeaBear is a one-stop online shop, promoting sustainability and a delicious Pacific Northwest Atlantic Salmon.

Hemp Health

Incredibly nutritiously dense, hemp is a superfood that does wonders—with positive effects on inflammation, heart health, skin health and digestion, it’s a great addition to any meal as a seasoning or ingredient, and being high in protein and omega-6 fatty acids makes it a delicious and satisfying snack.

Hempsgood uses environmentally sustainable farming practices to cultivate premium hemp seeds to use in its HempSeed Bhang seasoning and snacks. With different flavors to add to meals or eat on their own, it’s easy to get the nutrients you need to get through the day happy and energized!

Everyday Tea Goes Upscale

Rishi Tea is authentic, organic and hand picked and hand rolled, guaranteeing the best culinary experience. The soothing artisanal blends come in green, white, black, oolong, mate and botanical blends and are all Fair Trade Certified.  And so delish!

Restaurants Make Great Food Brands

Il Mulino New York is an iconic upscale Italian restaurant, and is now bottling their authentic Italian flavors in the form of signature sauces, cooking and finishing oils, salts and pastas. Lee Katzoff, the dynamo behind this brand, has managed to manifest her vision using all of her senses, creating a symphony “where every element flows together like music.”

Kosher-Style Is Hot

Sweet Note Bagels are a delicious kosher addition to your weekend breakfasts! Free of all eight common allergens, and available in a variety of fun, creative flavors (including UNICORN!?), these New York original style bagels (think smaller, denser, crunchy crust and chewy center) are carefully crafted to create the tastiest experience possible. Now eating allergen-free isn’t a culinary compromise.

The Matzo Project Matzo Crackers are a taste sensation, available in Salted, Everything and Cinnamon Sugared. “Super-snappy, extra-sturdy and crazy-versatile,” the most delicious way to have every flavor is with a little goat cheese on the top. But, pair with everything—you’ll be hard pressed to find a combination of cracker and topping you don’t love.

Dr. Pickle is the all-natural, locally grown, chemical and pesticide-free pickle you’ve been looking for. Hand crafted in small batches these flavorful dills are certified kosher, non-GMO, vegan and raw friendly, and contain no added preservatives, MSG, or artificial sweeteners. The company was started by retired New York City firemen.

Herbs Made Easy

We know that herbs and spices are great for us. We understand the fact that they have amazing outcomes for our minds, bodies and souls. But matching the herb to the ailment or desired result is a different story. IQ Juice has made it easy for us all with different blends of fruits and herbs for effects such as detox, fat burning, cleansing, energy, memory and immunity.

All You Need Is a Handful of Cherries  

Known for their sour taste, the Montmorency cherry provides many health benefits such as providing dietary fiber, vitamin C, A and a high concentration of antioxidants. Specializing in cherries, Stone Ridge Orchards Dried Fruits (cherries, blueberries, cranberries) are the perfect snack that provides the right blend of minerals, vitamins and taste.

Better Benefits of Basmati

Light, fluffy and aromatic are the reasons people often opt for basmati, however there are so many benefits of this super grain unbeknown to the general customer! Gluten-free, low in fat, low GI and containing all eight essential amino acids, basmati is a balanced level of energy that offers the palate a totally different sensation. Amira Authentic Basmati, available in brown, white, smoked and organic varieties, is the best of the best, harvested in the foothills of the Himalayas and offering a unique and complex flavor profile.


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