High-Tech Health Trends (and more!) to Watch from CES

    From a focus on sustainability, to mental wellness and more--check out the latest innovations.

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    The much-anticipated Consumer Electronic Show occurred in Las Vegas, NV, at the beginning of the year. Although it looked different than years prior, it was great to be back in person and see the latest and greatest from some of the most innovative brands in the world. 

    A few trends that can help people live healthier and cleaner…or just just solve life’s little glitches to take the stress out of our days:

    Sustainable Tech

    As the world races for smarter and more sustainable ways of living, CES was the hub of transformative IoT and AI technology. Future-forward cities are using pioneering solutions to manage natural resources. 

    Effa is a company that is fighting the global plastic pollution by creating 100% recyclable and renewable hygienic products. Their first products are a paper toothbrush and a paper razor. They are on a mission to replace all the plastic disposables with eco-friendly products. They are making your everyday life easier and safer for the planet starting with the travel industry. 

    Orbisk has made it its mission to enable hotels, restaurants, and caterers to track and combat waste. Through image recognition technology, Orbisk recognizes what sort of ingredient goes to waste and in what quantity. Chefs, kitchen staff, and business owners get access to an online dashboard with all the collected data from the monitor. They can see per week, day, or ingredient, how much they throw away, and at which moment of the day. This allows them to recognize recurring losses and adapt their entire kitchen process to save food, money, and do good for the environment 

    Droople is an IoT water intelligence platform that manages water-based assets by digitizing water filtration systems from facilities to home appliances. Droople’s technology uses Water as a Proxy to analyze behavioral patterns, to enable predictive maintenance, on a mission to create a safe, resilient and sustainable future.  

    Mental Wellness Helpers

    More than half (52%) of U.S. adults are likely or very likely to use health tech in the future to improve their overall wellbeing. Companies are taking notice of that and making it even easier to have telemedicine/virtual care visits, online counseling and therapy platforms, reduce stress and anxiety, get more sleep and more. 

    myAir is changing the way we treat stress and anxiety through foodtech. myAir nutrition bars are formulated with a natural, herbal extract blend of superfoods and adaptogens to support stress relief. Using artificial intelligence and data, customers tailor their subscription of stress-fighting bars to combat their own set of unique stressors and how it manifests in their body, improving sleep, focus, muscle tension, relaxation or energy issues, etc. Paired with a Garmin smartwatch and app, users can track their stress reduction over time, and the company says more than 70% of users reporting noticeable improvements within the first five days.

    With a new way to measure stress, MoNoA has created a unique wearable that tracks your stress level all day, accompanied by a coaching platform/app where your stress data is analyzed to see the impact of stress on your physical and mental health. Certified MoNoA coaches are there for you in the app whenever you need it, to guide you to a more balanced and healthy life. 

    QuietOn showcased the world’s smallest active noise cancelling earbuds that redefine sleep technology. The earbuds combine ANC technology with the world’s smallest form factor to optimize human performance through improved sleep. Small enough to fit entirely inside the ear, QuietOn 3 is the only active noise canceling sleep solution that is comfortable enough for everyone, including side sleepers.  

    Tech for Recovery  

    Recovery start-up run by MIT engineers, Impact Biosystems, announced its debut product, Pact, a connected percussive massage system customized to the user’s muscle profile. Inspired by professional trainers, the Pact system tailors its massaging experience to the user’s body conditions, giving the most effective recovery treatment possible. 

    Lumaflex is a flexible, powerful, red-light panel created to aid in muscle recovery following training or to treat injuries and chronic pain, helping people boost sports performance through faster muscle recovery. 

    Home Health Hubs to Empower Consumers

    Perigon Health 360 is bringing the pharmaceutical industry into the digital world, increasing patient compliance from the 40% average to 95%. Perigon Health 360 harnesses modern technology to modify patient behavior into healthier medication adherence patterns. The company’s Medesto Health Enterprise Platform was created to facilitate real-time medication adherence and health marker tracking for precision patient-tailored care that benefits patients, caregivers, and doctors. The company connects with digital medication dispensing devices, including its own proprietary devices and best in class devices such as digital inhalers. The pharmacy is capable of handling all of the patient’s prescriptions, which enables streamlined access for patients and also reduces potential error or prescription conflicts. Since the medication dispensing is digitally tracked, real-time notifications and reminders are sent to the patient, primary care physician, and caregivers. This works for oral, injectable, and infusible drug therapies. This system enables full visibility into patient medication compliance. As a result, the Medesto platform provides the pharmacy with real-time visibility into medication usage and refill status. In addition, the device uses auditory and visual cues that remind patients to take their medication on time. Over time, the routine adherence to medical treatment helps to build solid behaviors that can promote better health outcomes.  

    A physician-led U.S. startup has developed BPCorrect, a software platform designed to democratize scientifically based home blood pressure (BP) measurement. The BPCorrect app guides users through a systematic approach to measure BP so that home blood pressure monitoring is performed correctly. Accurate BP measurement is critical for the diagnosis and management of diseases, but BP measurements taken in doctor’s offices may be inaccurate due to patient, device, and procedural factors. When performed correctly, the company says home blood pressure monitoring can provide a more reliable assessment of BP than in-office measurement and is recommended by professional societies. 

    Biobeat is a leader in remote patient monitoring. Their solution allows continuous measurement of 13 different vital signs including HR, SPO2, and blood pressure, as well as another 10 medical-grade parameters. All vitals are measured continuously, seamlessly, and wirelessly. Their solution uses health-AI and ML on big-data in order to provide actionable insights on patient care. More than just analyzing the data, Biobeat also generates it, using their proprietary sensor for continuous monitoring of vital signs unique to Biobeat. 

    Ribless is an FDA-registered medical device that can exercise elbow, wrist, ankle, and knee joints from H Robotics. The company develops, manufactures, and distributes state-of-the-art rehabilitation solutions such as robots and data-driven telemedicine for people suffering from diseases of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. 

    High-tech Helpers for Home and Beyond

    Steambox is a self-heating lunchbox. Through its innovative technology, Steambox’s rechargeable system can heat up to 3 meals on a single charge. Rather than conventional heating, steam ensures that food tastes better than a microwaved meal and nutrients are preserved. 

    The mosquito is the deadliest creature in the world, and now a female-led startup is offering help. Mosqitter introduces an innovative combination of hard- and software solutions to provide an effective, environmentally friendly, safe and long-term protection of people from mosquito bites with no health risks. The device rids outdoor territories of mosquitoes without chemicals using a patented technology imitating a living being in combination with the software that controls all necessary algorithms to ensure maximum efficiency. JordiLight flashlight comes equipped with three modes tailored to the experience for which it’s being used: Scanner mode for night-time excursions by foot, by paddle, or on wheels; Party mode to make you the life of the party indoors or out; and Compass mode so its built-in compass can help you navigate challenging situations plus its many easy-to-use and functional features. 

    Pangissimo is innovating the speaker world in a way with their new SimoX, which fills every corner of a room with sound through a convenient quad of portable, detachable speakers creating a surround sound experience. You can use each speaker together or apart to perfectly “space your sound.”  

    Allegro headphones from Conduction Labs have an open-ear design, so you never have to worry about not hearing the environment around you. They’re ultralight, too, making them perfect for long-term use and comfort. 

    Thanks to nearly 10 years of experience developing the SKYWORTH OLED technology, consumers can now experience the clearest resolution and picture quality of any entertainment technology on the market. With self-illuminating pixels, SKYWORTH OLED TV technology is playing its part in leading the future of display technology. 

    Third Reality offers smart honeycomb blinds with simple installation and convenient control (both online and offline). It can directly connect with the compatible Echo Devices, enable voice control and app control. 

    Enterprise XR is Coming of Age

    Extended Reality (XR) technology has been used for decades, but now enterprises are adapting it and 84% of XR-engaged businesses expect to spend more on their AR/VR initiatives over the next two years.  

    Light-field imagery is the genuine representation of how light exists in the real world and is a missing key to comfortable smart eyewear. Creal’s light-field display tech makes the AR/VR experience more life-like and comfortable to use by fusing real and virtual objects, enabling natural eye focus and eliminating eye-strain and nausea. 

    Softmatter seeks to intertwine elements that embody human experience and technology, to craft complete next to skin solutions. By creating smarter textiles, the company seeks to transform everything you wear and every textile you interact with into a seamless source of data and integrated technology. 

    Deeper AI Innovation

    Artificial intelligence is not new, but we found companies continuing to advance their technologies and improve what you can do with it resulting in being able to task more to the AI. 

    In the car inspection sector, an industry that has never really seen innovation, Ravin AI is aiming to revolutionize the market by building advanced digital inspections. Modular technology will integrate into existing workflows to create a 360° scan, designed for smaller damages leveraging AI on mobile phones. This allows for seamless inspections, eliminating possible human error. The next time you rent a car or bring your vehicle into the dealership for servicing you may just see this tech in action. 

    Beyond Honeycomb is your AI-driven kitchen. Beyond Honeycomb is an artificial intelligence food-tech startup, that scans and digitizes food texture and taste at the molecular level, then their AI Robot reproduces the same master chef dish. 

    Plask makes the animation process more automatic, more collaborative, and more open. Through AI technology, they want everyone to have access to Motion Capture in an easy and fun way. More people can become animators, and existing animators can spend more time focusing on their own creativity 

    Is the Metaverse Here?

    The Metaverse is a lot closer than we think and we are already seeing a lot of the elements already in use. Now all that’s left is assembling them into a product for experience. The metaverse is the next generation of the internet that will be an immersive digital experience that will be linked with immersive digital reality and we saw a huge glimpse of it at the show.

    OWO developed and patented a revolutionary haptic vest that reinvents immersive technology that allows you to physically feel everything that happens in the metaverse or a video game. It adds a new sense to your game and makes the game more immersive by adding a whole new technology. Feel a gunshot, the wind, someone grabbing your arm and even a hug from a loved one.  

    Paper Intelligence  

    Everything we do is getting smart, including paper. Tapp is on a mission to make paper intelligent by integrating chips, sensors and printed batteries. Together with their cloud service, they provide smart sensing throughout an entire supply chain – with nothing more than a smartphone. No apps or other hardware necessary. They make 100% recyclable paper that can measure, remember and present temperature data to anyone in the world with a smartphone. Their main focus lies within food-distribution. 

    Better Audio & Vision  

    Resonado Labs is a digital audio technology company that designs and delivers proprietary audio technologies for major brands and manufacturers based on a growing portfolio of patented intellectual property. The company’s flagship Flat Core Speaker technology is a patented speaker architecture that is being integrated into industries including consumer electronics, aerospace, automotive, marine, and recreational vehicles. 

    Lili Light for Life created a product that opens new perspectives for people with dyslexia. Lili lamp is an adaptive tool that makes reading easier for people with dyslexia. Designed based on the disruptive discoveries of researchers Albert Le Floch and Guy Ropars, the Lili lamp, thanks to a unique patented process, makes the perception of writing more precise for a majority of people with dyslexia. 

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    With such an influential show there were countless things to cover like Transportation and the Future of Mobility, Space Tech and Enhanced Connectivity were some other prevalent trends at the show. It is inspiring to see how the Consumer Electronics Show shapes the industry for the rest of the year as well as our world.