If You Can Make It Outside, You Can Make It Anywhere


As a native New Yorker I like to think, if you can make in this city, you can make it anywhere. Similarly, the products showcased at the annual winter Outdoor Retailer Show—which took place this January 7th to 10th in Salt Lake City, UT—are the best of the best. Made to withstand extreme conditions, if an outdoor product passes muster with the OR crowd, it’s a winner.

While designed for specific outdoor scenarios, these performance brands can actually help you through everyday life. Whether it’s getting from your car to your doorway, slowing down the ravages of aging or surviving an avalanche, you have to be prepared!

Here are some of my favorite finds.

Watch Out Flip Flops

While most brands boast about modern technology, XeroShoes are based on the oldest footwear designs in the world: think advanced cavemen who probably had healthier feet, ankles and balance than we do. These sandals will give you a whole new outlook on how shoes should feel. With a new closed toe line available, I am reminded that my feet, not unlike antennas, are for feeling and sensing where we are.

Performance clothes for working and thinking on your feet

Purnell is designed with a purpose. This apparel brand for men and women takes on a whole new perspective. It’s linked to a company that converts marine and tide currents into energy and construction, so it created classic apparel that you can wear in a harness, an office or a cool party. In addition, they are involved in great social responsibility projects.

Look Sexy Facing the Elements

Designers of MPG seem to be thinking about how to make women look sexy on the slopes AND in the lodge!  Snow Angel is performance apparel designed to make a woman’s body feel and look great!  When you look better you perform better!  Woman report that once they wear Snow Angel, they don’t take it off till mid-spring.

Custom Fit

Just walking by the MasterFit, Inc. booth made my feet feel better, because these guys know comfort, and when they are fitting you, you can feel it. Though they specialize in custom ski boot fitting and work with the tops in this field, they manufacture insoles and foot products and are beginning to branch out to mainstream stores. I hope they will make an appearance in my favorite shoe stores, because if they can make boots worn by the world’s elite skiers comfy, think of what they can do for you and me!

Transform Your Hike into an Aerobic Sport

The poles of champion Nordic skiers, uphill racers and adrenaline junkies are turning walking into an Olympic full-body workout. LEKI Nordic Walking Poles bring the power and comfort of its extreme sport line to outdoor fitness with the “Instructor.” These poles increase the calories burned and reduce stress on the knees and joints.

Wear It To Win It

If a ski jacket could be a symphony, Goldwin’s Extreme Supreme Jacket would be Tchaikovsky in B Minor. The Japanese attention to detail for design and performance is in every stitch. I doubt the performance can be surpassed, which is why it’s a favorite for athletes in the know. This globally well-known and highly respected Japanese brand is now launching in the United States.

Eating Outdoors

The outdoor industry has taken notice. Healthy foods help you on the trail and they can taste better too.  Some great examples include Paleo brand Wildway grain-free hot cereal and granola, Kakookie’s developed by a mom for her daughter and her collegiate cycling team to replace Dunkin Donuts and Health Warrior Chia Bars.

Why Not Wear Compression?

When you think of it, why would anyone ever not wear compression socks? They improve blood circulation, speed up lactate metabolism, enhance performance and speed up recovery whether it’s from racing, waiting on tables, a day in the office, a run or ago.

Brands to watch include Compressport, which is new to the United States.

Tommie Copper has comfortable compression apparel for the entire body, helping muscle performance, recovery and relief.

A high-tech fabric manufacturer, Celliant adds thermo-reactive minerals to its compression, which recycles and converts radiant body heat into something that gives the body a measurable boost—infrared energy.

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nancy trentNancy Trent is a writer and speaker, a lifelong health advocate, a globe-trotting trend watcher and the founder and president of Trent & Company, a New York-based marketing communications firm.  Trent & Company grew out of Nancy’s personal commitment to helping people live longer and healthier lives.  A former journalist for New York magazine, Nancy has written seven books on healthy lifestyles, serves on the editorial boards of several magazines and travels around the worc ld speaking at conferences and trade shows on trends in the marketplace. She is a recognized expert icdn PR with more than 30 years of experience creating and managing highly successful campaigns. Nancy can be reached at (212) 966-0024 or through e-mail at nancy@trentandcompany.com.  You may also visit www.trentandcompany.com.

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Published on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 1/29/16


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