Intelligent Weighing Applications for the Food Industry

The food industry has highly specific requirements when it comes to weighing practices. Today, weighing technology is designed to support large-scale production under harsh conditions with complete precision. Advanced conveyor scales are feature-rich, user-friendly, safe to use and fully flexible to ensure optimum productivity and quality assurance. Since hygiene is of paramount importance for the food industry, modern conveyor belt scales are made to comply with EHEGD specifications. The latest weighing applications facilitate optimum use of raw materials, can be easily connected to the inventory management system, and can be integrated with different software applications for real-time traceability. Every step of the food processing industry be it production, packaging, or shipping needs to be monitored, recorded and documented precisely from start to finish. Weighing equipment plays a crucial role right from the time raw materials are brought and measured till the time they are shipped.

How Advanced Weighing Systems Improve Operational Efficiency in a Demanding Environment

In today’s competitive market, it is mandatory for food manufacturers to maintain a completely hygienic environment and for this, they need specifically designed weighing technology. Following are the benefits and applications of weighing products used in the food and beverage industry:

Checkweighers. Checkweighers facilitate an instant and accurate check of raw materials on a food production line. Checkweighers are specifically designed to comply with stringent hygiene specifications and can easily withstand a rigorous processing regime. They feature an easy-to-read display and a user-friendly mechanism for speedy and reliable readings.

Hopper and tank weighers. Hopper scales are highly durable, dependable and work with minimal human interference. These scales keep a close watch on your existing inventory and can also be used with a weight sensor to automate mixing of raw ingredients. These scales are explosion-proof and find application in various food processing operations.

Vehicle scales. Vehicle scales are used for weighing and verifying inbound and outbound freight. These scales facilitate optimal loading while ensuring complete safety of bulk carriers. Modern vehicle scales can also be integrated into consoles for remote operation of unattended terminals. These scales significantly reduce operational costs without employing a dedicated operator. They have a safe mechanism that is easy to operate and works for extended hours with absolute precision.

Bench and floor scales. Mainly used for inventory management, bench and floor scales offer high accuracy while reducing the possibility of revenue loss. Floor scales work efficiently in food warehouses and ingredient stores that maintain strict sanitation standards.

Forklift scale. Forklift scales ensure easy and effortless transportation of raw ingredients for storage, packaging, and shipping. These scales make inventory management speedy and safe for forklift drivers and record all the freight data wirelessly.

Conveyor belt scales. Conveyor belt scales combine repeatable precision with productive operation. These scales employ proven technology and superior features for improved performance and complete protection against explosion hazards. The speed, accuracy, and performance of conveyor belt scales reduce lifting operations and increase throughput. These scales can be easily integrated with computer systems and printers for improved processing. They feature a durable framework and employ versatile features that work effectively in demanding conditions.

The Benefits Of Belt Scales for the Food Industry

Belt scales play a vital role in keeping the food industry moving at maximum efficiency. Easy integration with the existing network ensures remote access and round-the-clock monitoring for improved operational efficiency across food processing units. From recording and documentation to monitoring operations and controlling stock, conveyor scales provide reliable results in real-time. Belt scales come in a corrosion-resistant and rugged design that is easy to use and calibrate. These scales are an ideal solution for a variety of applications in the food industry where hygiene and food safety are of prime importance. Conveyor belt scales ensure consistent quality and compliance at every stage.


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Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 1/6/2016