Let’s Bake Together: Buttercream Cookie Sandwiches

    Hey everyone! I’m Becca and I recently started working at WholeFoods Magazine. I have always been really into food and trying out different recipes, especially for baking. Since I’ve started here at the magazine, I’ve been exploring natural and organic products and the recipes that come with them, and I'm going to share my results with you. I hope you enjoy reading these with me. Maybe you’ll find a new recipe or food that inspires you, too. Let’s Bake Together!

    First up, I decided to make use of holiday season flavors—with cookie dough. Recently, Doughp partnered with TV personality and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen to create a new flavor called Chrissy Pie: Sweet Potato Streusel Pie.

    A little background about Doughp: The company was founded in 2017, after Founder Kelsey got sober in 2015 and found her happy place in the kitchen, where she found a way to create edible dough that can be consumed raw. She was featured on Shark Tank and now has a wide variety of flavors including Ride or Die Chocolate Chip, Cookie Monsta Cookies and Cream, and Avocadough Brownie.

    Doughp was nice enough to send me a sample of Chrissy Pie: Sweet Potato and Streusel Pie and Ride or Die Chocolate Chip. (I could not stop shoveling it in my mouth, by the spoonful. I may still be eating it as I write this.)

    Over the weekend, I channeled my baking skills and tried out one of Doughps’ recipes, Marshmallow Buttercream Whoopie Pies, that featured Teigen’s flavor. You can find it here. They also have a cheesecake recipe for this featured flavor, which you can find here if that’s more your style.

    My verdict on the cookie sandwiches: They were easy to make and a delicious dessert to satisfy cookie cravings. While the sweet potato flavor wasn’t my personal favorite, the sweetness of the buttercream more than made up for it. The texture of the pecans with the marshmallow creme reminded me of the Little Debbie’s Oatmeal Crème Pies my mom used to get me as a kid.

    If you decide to bake these, I would add one note to the baking process: After the dough comes out of the oven, take the bottom of a cup and press down on the cookie to flatten them. This will make them easier to sandwich with icing.

    I love the simplicity of this recipe. With the cookie dough pre-made, it saves you the trouble of having to dirty a bunch of dishes making cookie dough. The buttercream all went into the food processor and came together in less than 5 minutes. I halved the recipe because I was only making them for a few people and it still came out great. Plus, I think the buttercream would pair nicely with any of Doughps’ flavor offerings. I would love to make the icing again with the Ride or Die Chocolate Chip dough.

    To learn more about Doughp products, including their holiday flavors, visit their website.

    Stay tuned for more recipe reviews, including a decadent peanut butter treat. If you have products you would like me to review or try or suggestions for new content, you can email me at beccaviscomi@wfcinc.com.

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