Let’s Bake Together: Pumpkin Scones

    Hi everyone! I’m Becca, and I have always been really into food and trying out different recipes, especially for baking. Since I’ve started at WholeFoods magazine, I’ve been exploring natural and organic products and the recipes that come with them, and I'm going to share my results with you. Maybe you’ll find a new recipe or food that inspires you, too. Let’s Bake Together!

    When summer comes to an end, I’m always disappointed for about two seconds that sunshine season is over, but that feeling quickly goes away when I remember fall is here. I love everything associated with fall–the leaves turning colors, football, and all the great flavors. With fall flavors in mind, I was deciding what recipe to use with Simple Mills Nut & Seed Flour All Purpose Baking Mix, and settled on pumpkin scones. 

    You can access the recipe that I found here. While the recipe was great, I had a little bit of a baking fail. When I took my scones out of the oven, they were flat and misshapen. I was a little disappointed, especially because I froze the butter like the recipe called for to prevent this. But with baking there is trial and error. Oh well! And those scones tasted delicious, which is that’s what’s important! 

    This recipe was a little more time consuming than some of my other bakes, but still easy to follow. The instructions called for blotting the pumpkin puree before using it, as it can be too wet. I made sure to follow this and let me tell you, the puree definitely had excess moisture that the paper towel picked up. I put the puree on a small plate and blotted it about ten times, but could probably have done longer. I’m wondering if this may be why they spread. 

    When it was time to shape the scones, I made an eight-inch circle and divided it into eight triangles. The dough was somewhat sticky, so be sure to have enough flour on your workspace. After I put the scones on the baking sheet, I topped each with a little heavy cream and coarse sugar. 

    The scones are packed with pumpkin flavor, and they have me in the mood for more fall desserts. The flour is made with chestnuts and almonds, which gives the scones a nice nutty flavor. The texture is soft but not too crumbly.

    Go get your ovens heating up and whip up this warm tasting treat. For extra sweetness, add the maple glaze. Until next time, happy baking! 

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    My name is Becca & I am the Communications Associate for WholeFoods Magazine (WFM). Food has always been something I take pretty seriously. Don’t believe me? On a trip to move my sister into her new apartment, I stood in line for three hours at a famous bakery, while the rest of my family moved heavy boxes and furniture into her new place. They couldn’t be too mad at me though, after I arrived home with a box of delicious sweets. Needless to say, I am definitely a foodie or whatever you want to call someone who plans day trips around food. Now that I’ve started at WFM, I am learning more about healthy, organic, natural food options. So now I am on a mission to explore healthier recipes, using natural and organic products. Join me as we explore some new takes on classic favorites + maybe some new recipes that have yet to be discovered (by me anyway).