My Keto Experiment

    This year WholeFoods is publishing a series on special diets, so we thought it could be useful and informative to try each diet, too. I tackled Keto as our first diet. I started on New Year’s Day–the perfect time to start fresh with a new food formula. I have always had a hard time wrapping my head around eating lots of fat–I felt the same way when I tackled Atkins years ago. But I’ve read a lot about how healthy fats are beneficial. I’m not going to say I never had any bacon–I did, but mostly on weekends. I also used my MCTs and ate a lot of avocado. In the beginning I had trouble figuring out what to eat and found it difficult to cut back my veggies and fruit as I know it is necessary, and I do enjoy those foods. But I started following keto influencers on social media for ideas and recipes. There is a whole world out there, and tapping into it helped.

    Throughout the month, I checked on urine sticks and while I never made it to deep ketosis, I did get into ketosis and kept it. During the first few days I felt those “keto flu” side effects, but that quickly went away. Overall, sticking with the diet wasn’t that difficult. I traveled, ate at a restaurant, had dinner at a friend’s house, etc., and it wasn’t a challenge. The diet is adaptable. I did break it for Super Bowl, though. We were having a party, and I wanted a little more flexibility.

    I also read that intermittent fasting helps, so I did do a few times but feel I could have done more. I went for 16 hours usually, with most of those hours being overnight. I usually ate around 11 in the morning. I did like one day when I ate a big, late lunch and didn’t eat again until the next morning. I wasn’t able to keep that pattern up, though. That next day by lunchtime I wasn’t hungry enough to eat another big lunch, and so I ended up being too hungry later in the day to hold off on eating until the morning. Still, I did feel less hungry on Keto at mealtimes. In continuing I would like to try more fasting.

    I worked out mostly with indoor cycling and some strength training. Basically, my lifestyle did not change much and I felt good. I lost 6 pounds in the process and will continue. What I have noticed is that I can get back into ketosis again easily. I slipped for Super Bowl and our company anniversary party, but was able to jump back in within a couple days. Protein powders and bars helped, and I did more with collagen and bone broth. As I continue on with keto, I’m looking into other products, and there are many more recipes I want to explore as well.

    I have eaten more eggs and meat than I usually do…and cheese–it’s one of my biggest downfalls, so I probably ate too much of that! And I do love eating peanut butter. I’ve learned about fat bombs for a treat. Those are great when you when you need something sweet or find yourself craving chocolate like I do. I don’t think I can make keto a lifestyle forever, but think for me it will morph into a healthy low carb diet–with a break for pizza from time to time!