New Book Endorsed By Jane Goodall Targets GMO Policy

    Altered Genes, Twisted Truth

    Dame Jane Goodall, UN Messenger of Peace, leading world primatologist and environmentalist is the newest to add her voice to the outcry against the hazardous effects of biotechnology. Her 2015 global tour now includes an endorsement of the newest book on the topic, Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, authored by Steven Druker, J.D.

    Calling it one of the most important books of the last fifty years, Goodall praised Druker for his bold critique of the U.S. FDA's life-damaging policy on genetically engineered foods. Druker has a strong premise. Tracing the history of the introduction of genetically modified foods into the world food supply, he makes a case that these foods violate ethical protocols of modern science, disregarding the far reaching, highly damaging implications of genetic modification. He suggests that the facts about the hazards which were well-known by government scientists from the start have been consistently ignored by policy makers. As an example, he cites the violation of federal statutes with regard to safety testing by the FDA. Druker estimates that 85–90% of the processed food now available in North America contains ingredients derived from genetically engineered organisms, with soy, cotton, corn, and sugar beets being the most commonly grown and marketed.

    Druker argues that genetically engineered foods pose a genuine threat to the physiology, human health and the environment, citing the difficulty in detecting new toxins and allergens born of biotechnology. His book is based on twenty years of independent research and compellingly documents the scientific evidence pointing to the non-safety of genetic modification which has been glossed over by government regulatory agencies. He highlights the need for government leaders to take a more responsible and truthful attitude without hiding the facts about GMOs.

    Druker clearly supports the growing numbers of consumers now expressing concerns that GMO foods are widely found in the marketplace devoid of truthful labeling. As a result, he asks for more responsible and transparent policy with regard to sustainable agriculture, food production, ingredient formulation, and food labeling.

    Goodall echoes his concerns saying 'We're poisoning the land, we're poisoning animals, and I truly believe we are poisoning ourselves," citing the unwanted environmental effects including GMO superbugs, GR superweeds, hazards for indigenous wildlife, and the overall destructive effects of biotechnology on the world biosphere.

    Goodall envisions a world where we will live in harmony with nature. Health conscious consumers, natural health advocates, as well as the entire food industry will want to read this book and follow her example to ensure a safe, pure food supply. You can purchase Steven Druker's new book Altered Genes, Twisted Truth at For more information about Druker's approach to the GMO crisis visit

    Simi Summer, Ph.D. is an organic advocate, independent researcher, educator and freelance writer. She is a strong proponent of organic consumer education and informed consumer choices.

    Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 5/21/15