Produce Psychology

    People are becoming more aware of the benefits of eating fresh. Some have an insatiable interest in healthy eating while others want to consume more but struggle to keep it interesting. And then there are those who only get fruits and vegetables from condiments, proving produce actually has some psychology to it.   

    While health is a driving factor in why people are eating produce, taste remains the first priority. If it’s traceable, even better. Low in carbs and high in protein and you have a winner!  

    These factors were evident on the show floor at the annual New York Produce Show and Conference in December at the Jacob Javits Center.  

    Scott Horner, Product Specialist with FreshPoint, a leading produce distributor in North America, noted that companies are chopping up produce, making it smaller and easier while selling it at a premium for its convenience.  

    Here are some other trends spotted on the show floor:


    Taste first  

    Chelan Farms grew one of the crispiest, sweetest and juiciest apples when an industrious bee carried pollen from an unknown variety and landed on a Honeycrisp tree. The branch at the orchard produced a beautifully bi-colored apple, which they named the SugarBee. This apple has a creamy white flesh, a red blush skin and snap in every bite.  

    Grimmway, which happens to be America’s largest carrot grower, is celebrating 50 years with rainbow carrot chips that looks like candy and tastes like it too. 


    Traceability & Sustainability

    You can taste the passion in the Nicolas Farms pistachios. This fourth-generation family farm produces pistachios that they sort in small batches to give us the best product and taste available. They give back to the community, local non-profits, support education with scholarships, and more. They are mindful of the impact they have on the environment, which is why being good stewards of the land is important to them. They make sustainable efforts in the form of water conservation, natural composting, renewable energy and drip irrigation so we can feel better about popping those pistachios, which have a lot more nutrients to calorie count than any other nut.  

    The ONE BANANA company is dedicated to preserving the environment and community in Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador and Peru, where they nurture great-tasting bananas. Banana growers for over 25 years, the one company was formed to produce great-tasting, high-quality and delicious bananas in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. The company has programs in place for the health and education of its staff and locals, as well as water efficiency and waste management programs.  

    Down in Florida, Hillsborough County is recognized as the winter strawberry capital of the world and the home of some of the sweetest, reddest and juiciest strawberries around. In the 1980s, the local strawberry growers began meeting in their homes to discuss the best way to organize a group that would represent the interests of the Florida strawberry industry, which is how the Strawberry Growers Association (FSGA) was born to support over approximately 11,000 acres of berries. 

    Some produce is grown in unexpected places. Gotham Greens is farming with the future in mind in sustainable urban greenhouses across America. These unconventional farms leverage local cultivation and regional distribution to deliver produce quickly after being harvested to ensure they are fresh-tasting, nutritionally dense and long-lasting. 


    Packaged products making it easy  

    Poshi steamed, marinated and chopped asparagus, green beans and artichokes so we don’t have to. These gourmet vegetables are touched with herbs and can be snacked on or sprinkled as toppers or sides. 

    It’s also time we knew about Love Beets as the best way to enjoy this root vegetable without any mess or fuss of cooking beets. 

    Looks don’t matter when it comes to nutrition; Good & Ugly is a convenient snack that makes ugly fruit & nut bites so delicious with clean ingredients and authentic nutrition that you start appreciating true beauty. 

    Zyn makes it easy and tasty to get the benefits of curcumin, the bio-source that makes turmeric healing and turmeric lattes so popular! Curcumin is only a small portion of turmeric, which is tough to absorb. Zyn is a drink that doesn’t taste much like turmeric but gives you the benefits of curcumin without trying. 


    The next New York Produce Show and Conference will be held at the Jacob Javits Center December 8-11, 2020.