Produce Show 2017

It’s not just locavores that are driving the interest in localized fresh produce. Weather and transportation regulations are playing a part in keeping food eaten within miles of where it’s grown. At least that was the sentiment at the NY Produce Show late last year where I got to meet up with growers from my hometown.

One of the growers I caught up with was Paulette Satur, Satur Farms, LLC. Satur looks forward to connecting with the farms customers at this annual event. Like most growers, Satur has deep ties to its local community and supports the locavore movement. “We believe that locally-grown produce will have an even greater impact in the coming years, particularly as growing conditions become very unreliable, with severe weather popping up everywhere, a strong local region gains in importance. Additionally, with new trucking regulations, transportation costs have skyrocketed, and all wholesalers, distributors, and retail markets are reviewing the (non)sense of trucking our food across the country” says Paulette.

Satur Farms is an artisanal producer best known for its arugula with a robust flavor that holds longer than other arugula, in part because it’s actually a “true roquette” grown from European seeds. They are vertically integrated and have their hands on all aspects of growing and production, from seed selection, to growing, to harvesting, to washing and packing — all is done by their own team. So many brands are purchase produce from other growers and the brand name gets put on it at the processers’ facilities.

Satur and many other brands fall into a wide variety of healthy trends spotted at the show. Here is a rundown.

Packaged salads

From edible flowers to a wide variety of vegetables Satur Farms is changing the way we get produce in the form of packaged salads.

Eat Smart is also making it easy for consumers to eat restaurant quality salads at home thanks to pre-made salad mixes. Their line includes everything from superfood blends to vegetable blends, you can eat smarter without working harder. All of the company’s mixes are made with top quality vegetables and can be made in less than ten minutes. It’s important to eat but it’s also important to Eat Smart.

Ready Pac Foods are the perfect collection of restaurant-inspired salads and snacks that you can enjoy on the go. Ready Snax Snack Packs and Bistro Bowl Salads are the perfect go-to when time is running low because they can be eaten anywhere, are filling, curb your hunger and provide a boost of vitamins. They also offer a variety of options that meet diverse dietary needs, including non-GMO, organic, vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian so everyone can enjoy a quick meal.

Strongly branded fruits and veggies

Grown with the pledge to “follow Mother Nature’s lead” Olivia’s Organics provides high quality organic vegetables cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Their salads, cooking greens and other vegetables are non-GMO and grown by farmers who only use renewable resources ensuring they provide kitchens are around the country with high quality, fresh and Mother Nature approved veggies. Olivia’s Organics keep both the planet and consumer in mind!

How do you get a Watermelon into a bottle? You don’t have the answer, but Frey Farms does with their Tsamma juice. Frey Farms which is the largest grower of watermelons in the US delivers the taste of over one and a half pounds of farm-fresh watermelon in one bottle which is packed with powerful vitamins and nutrients. Tsamma is all natural and contains no sugar, gluten, artificial colors and is kosher! Now you can enjoy the taste and health benefits of watermelon without the seeds or mess, just bring a straw.

What do you get when you combine best of the easy-to-peel Japanese Satsuma with the big, juicy, sweet oranges from California? No this isn’t a trick question; the answer is Sumo Citrus. This legendary fruit, which has become a superfood in Japan and Korea, is finally available stateside and being grown in California using the same techniques as its Japanese creator. Similar to a large mandarin this innovative hybrid, peels effortlessly, contains delicate sections that separate easily, is seedless and juicy without being messy, and is going to become your new favorite fruit!

Conveniently packaged herbs

Fresh herbs and spices add flavor and color when added to any meal, but let’s be honest, they aren’t practical when it comes to cooking during a busy week. Thanks to Gourmet Garden’s line of packaged herbs and spices you can add that slow cooked taste to quickly prepared meals. Their line of ready to use herbs and spices include fresh chopped and ready to be mixed staples such as chives and chili peppers and their innovative line of stir in pastes can give the simplest meal more flavorful taste or allow you to make your favorite dishes faster. I think your cutting board is about to get jealous!

Careful Coffee

Hawaii’s number one coffee has finally made its way to the mainland! KonaRed is grown on the remote Island of Kona, Hawaii (2400 miles from the nearest continent) and made with the finest seeds, highest quality water and grown from the purest soil. This type of care in the cultivating process is the foundation for their nutrient rich coffee products, from beans to cold brew coffee, that deliver fresh quality you can taste in every sip!

Better for you than honey

Did you know that New York State is home to the largest resource of tappable maple trees within the United States? Maple Syrup not only has a wholesome natural flavor, but also contains no additives and has one of the lowest calorie counts of the common sweeteners. More people than ever are substituting maple for honey. What do you do if you can’t make to the state that is home to over 2,000 maple sugar makers? NY Maple makes it easier for you find New York Maple products around the country, sounds like a sticky situation worth getting caught in.

Juice Blends that make for a healthier cocktail

Your favorite cocktail just got a refreshed thanks to Ripe. RIPE Bar Juices are the nation’s first line of cold-pressed, fresh juice bar mixers. From classic margarita mixes to exotic Baja punch mixes, RIPE is committed to fresh, natural ingredients, attention to quality control and pure processing. No artificial colors, flavorings, additives, high-fructose corn syrup, GMO’s, stabilizers, preservatives will get between you and your favorite cocktail thanks to this industry disrupter…cheers to that!

The new “it” nut

Move over almonds…beat it Macadamias…chestnuts are quickly becoming the new “it” nut. Today, Trucco is one of the biggest importers of produce from around the world. After more than 70 years in the industry and expanding to include a variety of fruits and vegetables the company is still widely recognized for their first product-chestnuts. Their high-quality chestnuts are imported from the beautiful mountains of Campania, Italy, contain health improving amounts of Vitamins and well…have people going “nuts” for them.

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