Reach For the Stars!

    Formula for Natural Products Industry Success

    With ongoing computer problems, the editor let me know that the planet mercury had been moving backwards. Great, I thought. So what next? After some days of pondering the question, I was reminded that nothing in nature exists in isolation. Every thought, word and action has an effect on the environment near and far. This is the principle of action and reaction, i.e., the seeds we sow today come back to us as the fruits of our own actions tomorrow.

    As natural industry leaders, being alert about the implications of our actions is essential to maintain the highest standards of natural/organic product purity. It is our responsibility to ensure that every product is 100 percent supportive to optimal health and the well-being of the planet. We can’t ignore the fact that our foods, supplements, personal care, laundry and cleaning products all face serious contamination issues. The organic standard is not as clean label as we might like. And massive confusion still exists as to the difference between certified organic, made with organic, natural and all natural.

    After all, isn’t a fruit all natural? Most people don’t know that the fruit has been sprayed with harmful pesticides, or that it could be genetically altered, or that the genes in the apple may have been “silenced” or turned off. They don’t know that their strawberries may be coated with unwanted substances or that their raspberries may have been grown hydroponically. Most people don’t read the Environmental Working Group Dirty Dozen list. They don’t know that these factors may harm them or cause some serious disease to emerge later in life. Most people have never heard of glyphosate, or they may not even know what the word organic really means. And many people around the world may be facing food and water shortages, poverty or epidemic health conditions. So a care package from a care agency may be their only food source, and all natural health care may not be available to them.

    Time to Turn on the Light
    Leading environmentalists point out that the quality of our perception is an essential component when tackling major world problems and making major paradigm changes. We all have a mental map which directly influences how we see the world and the various components in it. Reframing our thinking to see the world through a wide angle lens has been offered as a first step in solving the unsolvable eco/environmental problems facing humanity today. But effectively adopting these principles may require a major change in neurological functioning, and the use of the total potential of the human mind.

    This concept is nothing new. William James was one of the first to promote the importance of utilizing our full potential suggesting that “…compared with what we ought to be, we are only half awake…We are making use of only a small part of our possible mental and physical resources.” James referred to stored reservoirs of energy and intelligence within the mind. He began to awaken humanity to our most precious inner resource, a resource which will allow anyone to reliably and successfully transcend normal limits, break through human boundaries and reach for the stars!

    Making a mood of mind expansion is not the answer. Many programs for human development and meditation have emerged over the years. The T M program is one of the most extensively researched techniques. The research verifies the importance of transcending the surface levels of thinking to enliven total brain functioning and make the use of the hidden brain reserves necessary for unfolding one’s full mental and physical potential.

    Natural/Organic Industry Leadership Role
    The future of the world is in our hands. We can unfold our full creative genius. When the world’s citizens are able to think and act in a manner that will that will bring all good to everyone, we will begin to achieve natural industry goals without harming anyone or anything around us and, most importantly, without violating nature’s laws.

    It is important to master the hands-on details of the natural/organics products industry. Equally, it is vital for industry members to be fully alert and awake and make use of the unlimited energy, intelligence and creativity stored deep within the mind. With this in mind, total brain functioning and the use of total human potential may be the industry’s greatest game changer. We can no longer ignore this powerful and effective totally natural tool for success!

    The trend towards natural and organic is a skyrocketing one. We can make a difference and effectively maintain the highest standards and create a better world. The time is now!


    Note: The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author(s) and contributor(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher and editors of WholeFoods Magazine.



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