Special Report: Coconut Oil

coconut oil
CCA pointed to SPINScan data showing coconut products totaled nearly $1.1 B in the 52-weeks ending 4/19/20, up from $986.8 M in the previous 52-week period.

One of the most important questions a company can ask is: how can I truly help my customers?

This can come in many forms—from delivering a great product, to anticipating market need, or simply serving as a trusted advisor. At Bioriginal, we take all of these roles seriously and it is what prompted us to write a report on coconut oil quality.

Coconut oil is currently the sweetheart of culinary, beauty, sports and nutrition circles. According to data from SPINS, U.S. coconut oil sales reached more than $239 million in 2015, and sales climbed 31.3% compared to the previous year. In contrast, the category-leading canola and soybean oils saw sales decrease by 5.7% and 9%, respectively, during the same period.

This kind of growth is fueling competition not only on store shelves, but has led to an influx of new entrants on the supply side as well.

Although market demand for organic virgin coconut oil (VCO) is growing, supply of organic VCO comprises less than 2% of world production. Many suppliers and manufacturers are struggling to keep up with this demand and don’t have the experience and expertise necessary to navigate the complex supply chain and consistently supply top quality organic VCO to the North American market.

Bioriginal has been in the coconut oil market for more than 14 years. When you are in any market that long you begin to develop some specialized expertise.

We have found that successful brands have qualification processes for their products and manufacturers. But sometimes, even the savviest teams are missing important queries that, if probed, that could help them avoid costly mistakes.

In our report, we cover 5 key questions companies should be asking their VCO supplier in order to address commonly overlooked quality questions and avoid lost sales.

If you read through the report—available for download here—and have any questions about anything we have raised- or alternately, if you have something to add, please feel free to contact us:

We can be reached by email at business@bioriginal.com or you can reach me directly at apercy@bioriginal.com .


Adrienne Percy is the marketing communications manager at Bioriginal. 

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Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 9/21/2016