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Most of the trends at this year’s International Housewares Show in Chicago March 7–10 were designed to save something—time, money, effort, health, stress, safety, energy.  

We predicted we would see smarter design, safer surfaces, ecological solutions, multiple uses, quicker results and innovations in ergonomics, non-stick and temperature management. Tableware would be more about efficiency, functionality and portioning over design. Storage would be more strategic. Gadgets will do more, faster, quieter, better, safer, more efficiently and take up less space.  

We saw all that and more. 

Shortcuts to health
There were a number of companies introducing new ways to incorporate more fresh produce. Tailor Made Products launched a collection of kitchen tools called Crisp with the intention of transforming tedious kitchen prep into fun with functional and comfortable features. Talisman Designs innovative zesters also help the cause while Zing Anything gets more juices flowing with zingers right in the water bottles.  Blueapple makes your produce last longer by absorbing ethylene gas they naturally emit to ripen.

Molecule-R made at-home fermentation professional with molecular gastronomy kits. Essio turns your bathroom into a spa with an aromatherapy diffuser for your shower. Verilux brings the sunshine in no matter what your location with energy lights that work to make you see better with limited vision and happy.

Stay safe
Early detection and protection will help you stay safe in most situations, especially against bed bugs.  BuggyBeds showed a variety of bed bug glue traps that help monitor the situation. The company introduced monitoring traps for ticks and fleas too.  

BrightZ shines a light on cycling at night with bright lights that not only look cool, but also let people know you’re coming. 

Make it easy
Instead of shaking and squeezing to get out the last drop of your condiments, syrups, beauty products and cleaning supplies, the Flip-it! cap screws on and dispenses what’s inside with ease.  From the bathroom to the kitchen to the garage, Flip-it! saves time struggling to use your favorite household products and saves money because you’re not throwing them away prematurely.

Gunter Wilhelm introduced ProCut knives featuring an ergonomic anti-bacterial handles with smart bolster design and Diamant cookware made from hand cast aluminum that allows food to be evenly heated on a safe, non-stick surface.

Household Essentials showed several brands that take the edge off of laundry and storage. The company showed solutions for every room of the house and the space outside. 

Bonita had one of the more surprising innovations in the laundry category—the portable ironing board. 

TheraPeaz had colorful and cute hot and cold therapy packs that bend and wrap like a pack of frozen peas.

Lifeline’s Fifty/Fifty icy-hot products keeps your wine at the perfect temperature wherever you want to enjoy it. 

Other smart appliances you should have thought of yourself were The Ultimate Jar Opener, which solves the age-old problem of tough-to-move jar lids, and GrilLight, which shines light on your BBQ with bulbs in your grilling utensils. 

We liked the look of the Aura Clean System, an ultrasonic toothbrush with its own cleaning system to keep germs at bay. 

With all the new immersion circulators popping up on the market, SousVide Supreme’s water ovens remain the most innovative hands-off way to cook proteins tenderly. 

We didn’t want to leave the Sage Vertical Garden dome until we learned all about it’s Sustainable Hydroponic Technology. WF

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Nancy Trent is a writer and speaker, a lifelong health advocate, a globe-trotting trend watcher and the founder and president of Trent & Company, a New York-based marketing communications firm.  Trent & Company grew out of Nancy’s personal commitment to helping people live longer and healthier lives.  A former journalist for New York magazine, Nancy has written seven books on healthy lifestyles, serves on the editorial boards of several magazines and travels around the world speaking at conferences and trade shows on trends in the marketplace. She is a recognized expert in PR with more than 30 years of experience creating and managing highly successful campaigns. Nancy can be reached at (212) 966-0024 or through e-mail at  You may also visit


Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 4/3/15