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Walking the NY NOW show in August is like shopping the world for the very best gifts that you want all for yourself. It gives you access to what’s new in home décor and lifestyle design as well. My favorite new section of the show offered rows of personal wellness products which I hope to see more of.

Here are the trends I spotted that will be influencing our shopping.

Help Is on the Way, For Your Back

Manufacturers seem to be coming out with all kinds of back aids.

Healthy Back Bag has created the most comfortable bag in the world!  Ergonomically designed by a team of doctors, these stylish, luxe bags redistribute their weight to relieve stress on the neck, shoulders and back. With different sizes catering to all body types, this bag is setting a new standard for comfort and utility.

Healthy jellyfish chairs that help to make sitting healthier by Time Concept are the perfect way to update your décor and exercise routine. Built with a balance ball inside, this stylish seat makes your sit straighter and relieves spinal tension. There are also dozens of exercises you can do with it! Great for the home, office or gym!

Along with these handcrafted seats, they also make Tsubo Stress Therapy implements shaped like sheep, hedgehogs and other cute animals that you can heat up and press into worn out muscles for instant relief.

Buying for Men

There have never been more original gift ideas for men.

Bowties by Lazyjack Press  provide a “luxuriously irreverent” twist on traditional motif ties. Combining European luxury with American cheek (and chic), Lazyjack Press has a colorful range of ties, scarves, pocket squares and other accessories to ensure your man looks dapper and creates the perfect “look.”

Violife expands its line of travel beauty and wellness products with new “Powerboxes” for men. Full of useful grooming tools for the guy-on-the-go, these boxes are guaranteed to save you time and stress when traveling.

Zootility makes practical American tools so useful you will wonder how you lived without them. Made for the urban scout, these multifunction tools will put your childhood Swiss Army to shame. A perfect way to be prepared for any situation life throws your way, these pocket-sized gizmos won’t put a dent in your wallet either!

Super Natural

You don’t need to suspend your disbelief to benefit from these charming gifts.

Brighten up your home with a touch of natural ambiance. The Zwitscherbox is an adorable relaxation tool with a motion sensor that sets off exhilarating bouts of birdsong when you pass. The natural sounds create a soothing atmosphere that lets you relax intuitively. And since it is cordless, this vibrant box can go just about anywhere.

Moonglow Jewelry by artist Luc Rouleau, helps you capture a special moment in time by depicting the moon as it appeared on any special dayo on your jewelry. Whether it’s a wedding, birth or anniversary, keep the moment alive forever with a gorgeous lunar replica in the form of a beautiful custom piece of jewelry that glows softly in the dark.

Touch Points

Products are getting super tactile.

Fibre by Auskin believes in utilizing natural fibers and textures to enhance your living space.  All of their textiles utilize the softest, most carefully selected natural fibers from all over the world. A perfect pairing of texture and design.

Cuddledown has been known for decades for their comforters designed to keep you warm on the coldest Maine winter nights.  Since then they have expanded to include an array of the most comfortable pillows, mattresses and sleepwear available. You will never want to get out of bed again.

Dr. Flax believes that happiness can be found in nature. This concept inspired their 100% European stone-washed linen for bedding, apparel, throws, kitchen and table linens, and my personal favorite…linen bread bags to keep bread fresh!

Luxury in Unexpected Places

We all need a little pampering. Get it where you can.

Geoffrey Repella of Byrd’s Cookie Company says bagged premium cookies are outselling boxed versions because people are gifting themselves with premium cookies! Byrd’s has been baking for nearly a century and makes  sweet decadent treats for everyone that are almost too yummy to share!

Bambu high-design handmade utensils and plates are crafted smartly and locally in Portland with an emphasis on quality materials and eco-friendly values. Sustainable and organic, Bambu lets your home look good so you can feel good about it.

Tisch New York wooden placemats are the most luxurious placemats you can buy! Adding style and function to the modern table, these gorgeous wood and cork placemats are a statement piece sure to catch your guest’s eye. Their coasters too add an equally stunning flair to a mundane household object.

Eating healthy just got much easier! Vacucraft food preservation containers allow you to get the best value for your money on food. Able to keep your food fresher longer, this means you need to replace it less, and spend a lot less money!

Great Places To Relax

If you can’t get to a destination to relax, these products will bring relaxation to you.

Along with being the softest hammock on the market, Yellow Leaf Hammocks helps the people of Thailand who inspired the product. The product is made by artisan weavers in Thailand and proceeds benefit individuals suffering in slavery and poverty. Yellow Leaf Hammocks provide relaxation and peace of mind that you don’t have to be on a beach to appreciate!

Polart transports you through time with their ornate Victorian-inspired furniture. Using classic designs fused with modern technology and colors, these chairs are not only durable, but each one looks like a work of art. They make for the perfect “selfie seat” and you can use them just about anywhere in or outdoors!

A Touch of Whimsy

Why not make people smile when they see every day products.

Vigar brushes are guaranteed to make you smile when you clean! Adorable and approachable, these characterized brushes greet you with smiles of their own. Chores don’t have to be boring! And kids will love their new cleaning buddies!

Sushi Socks  by Actus are a way your feet can pay homage to Sushi! Packaged in a traditional Japanese Bento-Box, Sushi Socks appear to be fabric sushi until you unroll them. Then you discover the color and texture of the corresponding ingredients on the sock! A clever gift for any foodie, these socks are as warm as they are whimsical.


There were more products this year that enable you to give your personal touch.

Eat Sleep Doodle helps you keep your creativity flowing by letting you write and draw anywhere! With an eclectic line of products including customizable backpacks, tablecloths and comforters, you can doodle on everything around you. You won’t have to worry about following trends, you’ll be drawing them yourself! And with their washable markers, you can rinse and redesign anytime you like!

Idecoz makes fashion-forward accessories by fusing the hottest trends with cutting-edge technology. Their decals, pins and custom products let you personalize anything from your phone to your clothing. Using a special adhesive to stick anywhere, you are guaranteed to add a touch of flare.


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