Stay Informed!

Be the Natural Industry Change You Want to See

Staying informed is essential for natural products industry leaders to drive positive and progressive natural industry change.CEOs as well as company quality assurance and research development teams have to stay ahead of the newest industry news to make intelligent, safe, and healthy choices. This kind of educational input may include regulatory, legislative, standards, testing, research, market trends, advocacy, and trade show news, as well as ingredient and industry news. As legislative efforts are taking place in Washington DC this week to protect mandatory non-GMO labeling initiatives, staying on top of the facts is more critical than ever.

Check out the following resources to stay informed.

1. Join trade organizations such as OTA ( You can review organic news including market research and updates from the national organic standards board on their website. OTA members also receive the Organic Report magazine, a valuable resource for the latest organic industry news. OTA's Organic It's Worth It ( blog features interesting tips for consumers.

Also visit ( for the latest organic science and research news. Breakthrough findings can be critical to your sourcing and formulation choices. The Organic Center website also features information about the organic seal and labeling standards, as well as organic recipes and helpful fact sheets which can be passed on to stores and buyers along with your products. Current organic news is important to upgrade natural products to meet certified organic standards.

Take time out to review the Organic Matters blog by industry leaders representing the UNFI foundation at ( with content relevant to organic agriculture, organic travel, labeling initiatives, and more.

2. Stay informed about Non-GMOs. Subscribe toThe Organic & Non-GMO Report ( the only non-GMO trade magazine currently in print format which provides readers with a great overview of non-GMO regulatory, certification, standards, sustainable and non-GMO agriculture, grain market, fair trade, and industry news. Check out other non-GMO websites, such as GM Watch ( You will also enjoy 15-year-old Rachel Parent's organization Kids Right to Know (

The Non-GMO Project website ( is another important source of non-GMO news, non-GMO verified products, non-GMO product standards, and the requirements to begin the non-GMO verification process.

Just Label It is the organization spearheading mandatory GMO labeling initiatives. You can sign their petitions and letters to the President and Congress at

3. Stay informed about pesticides and environmental issues. The following websites provide the newest research news, conference news, health hazards, and social and cultural implications relevant to pesticides and the environment. Background reading in this area can be a contributing factor in ensure product purity. The following websites can be good resources for this purpose. The Environmental Working Group (, Pesticide Action Network (, Beyond Pesticides ( and Environmental News Network (

Staying informed is the basis of making intelligent, healthy, and environmentally conscious industry decisions to drive effective, positive, and profitable natural products industry change!

Simi Summer, Ph.D. is an organic advocate, independent researcher, educator, and free lance writer. She is a strong proponent of organic consumer education and informed consumer choices.

Posted 7/15/2015