The Urbanization of the Great Outdoors

We’re heading to the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver and I’m still seeing the impact of the summer marketplace seeping into mainstream consciousness. So much of what I saw at the show, I am now seeing on the streets, not only mountain tops. The great news is that these “outdoorsy” brands are high performance, which makes life easier and more fun.   

In their quest to climb steep mountains and trek tough terrain, outdoor industry enthusiasts have spawned products for baby boomers who want to move like millennial Sherpa.

I credit it with our desire to disconnect from tech and really immerse ourselves in the experience of nature. The best way to disconnect is to get back to nature, and if we can’t get outdoors, bringing the outdoor look and feel is the next best thing.

Even board room attire is turning from athleisure to a more outdoorsy approach.

Purnell Workwear is a prime example. The company makes stylish work fashions that function as well outdoors as indoors through all phases of the day. This is an entirely new fashion category that really multitasks. 

And in our desire to disconnect, the reality is we need to stay charged. Technology company Akaso introduced a clever puffer vest I have been wearing since the show through various seasons and climates. Not only does this vest have 3 heat levels that you can adjust separately for your belly or your back, it also looks great when you don’t need heat. 

Here are some of our other favorites from the last show:

Environmentally-conscious – Hollywood loves its weightless puffers but there is more fluffiness than meets the eye in Save the Ducks jackets. Outdoor lovers love this jacket for its function as much as its environmental stance. 

The function is in the glove – Canadian ski glove experts, Auclair, have a number of different world class athlete advisors and designers with the know-how and stamina to keep your hands warm and functional in any outdoor situation. 

Every day is a base layer dayKari Traa has great looking pants, jackets, sweaters and base layers designed for the Olympian skier in everyone. 

Working women – We adore the shapes and styles of the Dovetail Workwear line make by women for women who work with their hands as much as their minds. 

Carry smartSherpani lifestyle bags, wallets and luggage make heading out easier with unique designs and smart features made from 100% recycled water bottles.

Spike your walkKahtoola shoes were created to save you from slipping down a mountain, and they’ll do that if you need them to, but on most days, they’ll give you the traction you need to stay standing. 

Daily glide – The more active you are the more you chafe but some people don’t need to move all that much to feel the rub. Body Glide, the top outdoor anti-chafe favorite, is becoming a routine mainstay for healthy, unaggrevated skin.

Sustained energy, the Coloradan way – Fourpoints bars provide a tasty way to keep sustainable energy and low sugar spikes with a real food, plum-based bar, inspired by the active Coloradan lifestyle, applicable anywhere.

Keep your pet ready for anything, too – It’s not just humans who are spending more time outside. Pets need accessories that function. Olly Dog has innovative accessories so they can come along for the ride.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the outdoorsy types have in store for us January 30 to February 1 at the Denver Convention Center.