Tranquility Tips

    Staying tranquil in today’s fast paced world can be a challenge. To avoid a disturbance in equilibrium which could lead to chronic anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia, digestive problems, panic attacks and other unwanted health outcomes consider a number of natural remedies that are easy and enjoyable to adopt.

    Attention to diet is always fruitful. Reducing or eliminating excessive caffeine, sugar intake and alcohol consumption is a first step. Choosing organic is helpful when choosing foods and beverages to avoid unwanted contaminants which can throw off your biochemical balance.

    Vegetarians may have to give attention to their vitamin B intake. Deficiencies in zinc, magnesium and vitamin B12 have been linked to anxiety. Keeping the gut happy is another priority. This means including proper flora to support healthy gut bacteria and avoiding hard to digest foods such as those which are high in sugars, saturated fats as well as processed foods. Ice cold foods can also damper the digestive fire and affect gut health. Eating balanced meals on time is essential to prevent swings in blood sugar which if extreme could cause anxiety or unnecessary tension.

    Fruits such as peaches and blueberries are said to contain essential nutrients known to relieve stress and promote a calming effect. Don’t forget the whole grains. They can be rich in magnesium and tryptophan and help to increase serotonin, supporting a calming effect and improvements in mood. Oats are also said to increase serotonin and can help to prevent spikes in blood sugar. Try avocados to boost your B vitamin consumption and foods rich in vitamin C to lower stress hormones. Even dark chocolate can lower cortisol levels to promote balance.

    Calcium is another relaxing mineral useful in preventing anxiety. Enjoy a variety of dairy products including yogurt or even a good dose of sesame tahini to increase your calcium levels. Foods high in magnesium which you will want to incorporate into your daily diet include nuts and avocados. Omega-3s are said to be vital for brain functioning and can help to stabilize mood.

    On the supplement side you might want to try Ashwagandha, Kava, B complex or calcium/magnesium supplementation. Check with your natural health practitioner to see what is best to meet your body’s needs. Essential oils and traditional aroma therapy can also help when you need to unwind, chill out and relax. Lavender oil for example has been found to reduce anxiety and promote overall relaxation as has chamomile oil.

    Keeping calm and maintaining your equilibrium may be easier than you think and adopting calming diet tips may be useful for the whole family. Enjoy tranquility this summer – the natural way!

    Simi Summer, PhD is an independent researcher and freelance writer. She is a strong proponent of organic consumer education and informed consumer choices.