Trends to Watch: ECRM Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition Program

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    Vitamins and dietary supplements are more popular than ever. With so many different products, it can be difficult to decipher what’s right for you. That’s why it was great to see some of the emerging as well as established brands within the category at ECRM’s Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition Program. We got an inside look at some of the most innovative brands and noticed many trends within the industry.

    Science-Backed Results

    RESET Bioscience created the world’s first lipid-encapsulated, water-based wellness products for maximum absorption, according to the company. They have created revolutionary breakthroughs in bioavailability. RESET products empower you to RESET your wellness ritual with efficacious solutions to support you from morning until night. Their line of wellness products are inspired by nature and backed by science, formulated and tested to pharmaceutical standards, and proven to be shelf-stable for 12+ months.

    Braini is a patented and clinically proven supplement. The company says users can take two capsules, once a day, to feel vibrant, shaper, and age-less. Braini formulations support memory, ability to multitask, and response time, the company says. Braini began their research seeking answers in the natural world that would bring life changing results to children with neurological disorders, attention problems, autism and dyslexia.

    There are a lot of myths and home remedies about how to prevent hangovers. But nothing is better than actual science. GameChanger says it uses the science of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, plant-based extracts, and mineral nutrition to help prevent and relieve hangovers. The company use a layered approach to hangover prevention and relief through a combination of the WarmUp and OverTime Patches.

    Food as Medicine

    nochtli SuperiorFruit is a liquid dietary supplement made with 99% nopal prickly pear cactus ingredients. It’s a high-antioxidant, gluten-free, and vegan supplement. The products are packed with natural fruit and vegetable juices and purées. Why change what Mother Nature has already perfected? They believe in having a simple label, and when you sip nochtli, you are getting a liquid supplement that has integrity.

    The Herban Shaman is a modern nutritional supplement company with a traditional, herbal medicine twist. Old-school formulations are honored while modern scientific research is respected and utilized. They are mushroom blends that contain the ancient benefits of mushrooms while also have a mixture of herbs that are anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Their blends support brain function, energy support, immune support, stress support and serenity.

    Personalization Results in Better Progress

    Shopping for probiotics shouldn’t take a degree in microbiology, nor should it leave customers to figure out what is best for their needs. That is where Ombre comes in. Ombre offers clinically backed, targeted probiotics that give strain-specific information right on the label. With Ombre, consumers can monitor health and address needs with personalized microbiome reports and targeted probiotics.

    Bariatrix International has provided innovative and customized nutritional products for the health and wellness industry for more than three generations. They have now created a science-backed weight-loss program using high protein, low carbohydrate products and a health and wellness app, paired with personalized coaching called ReadySteps. The ReadySteps Weight Loss Program is weight loss in a box.

    Sports Performance

    For over 20 years, Betancourt Nutrition has stood the test of time, evolving in an often-saturated market. Their products deliver real results for beginners and professional athletes alike. Whether you’re winning bodybuilding competitions or winning personal goals, Betancourt Nutrition’s innovative formulas work synergistically to achieve any fitness goal. Their formulations always include quality ingredients backed by real science, with their B-NOX Preworkout being at the forefront.

    reFOCUS is a natural, 100% plant-based meal replacement shake delivering more than 26 essential vitamins and minerals for an active and healthy lifestyle that is dairy, nut, soy, gluten and lactose free. reFOCUS is a “true meal replacement shake” and not just a protein shake. The shake is portable, convenient, and assists in the resisting of the temptation to indulge in unhealthy processed foods, the company says. It comes in environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging.

    SOS Hydration is the first and only electrolyte drink mix formulated by world-class athletes, a Veteran and a physician. The company says it is as effective as an IV drip to combat dehydration. Based off proven medical and sports science, SOS prevents and combats mild to moderate dehydration in athletes and active lifestyles. According to the company, SOS has 3x more electrolytes than a sports drink and is 27% better than average coconut water at hydration with only 10 calories.

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