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    Trendspotter Nancy Trent showcases the innovations in natural and sustainable products for outdoor enthusiasts.

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    As we prepare for Outdoor Retailer’s upcoming Summer Show in June, we wanted to look back at this past seasons Winter Snow Show. We saw a lot of emerging trends that we expect to see carry though the rest of the year.

    Fuel to Keep You Going

    Base Performance creates nutrition and hydration products for athletes. Developed by triathletes and proven by runners, cyclists, swimmers and more, their bars provide premiere nutritional products for athletes of all disciplines and fitness levels.

    Runa is the clean energy drink. It’s brewed guayusa has a light flavor reminiscent of chilled tea with an added hint of natural berry flavor. Thanks to the unique balance of polyphenols and L-Theanine, the brewed guayusa leaf provides sustained energy, mental clarity, and focus without feeling a crash.

    JYOTI Natural Foods is quality, nutritious Indian and international food packed with bold flavor. Their products are shelf stable, come in recyclable cans and convenient foil pouches allowing you to take these products on the go. All of their products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and contain no preservatives, with numerous options for vegetarians and vegans.

    Products for a Sustainable Future

    Gear Hugger is a non-toxic, plant-based and biodegradable all-purpose lubricant that keeps gear in play longer to help reduce waste and protect the planet. Gear Hugger delivers 2x better lubricity than petroleum-based products and has 1,001 uses from outdoor gear to small electronics and so much more.

    GOT BAG is the world’s first backpack made from ocean plastic. Each of their four bags are made from 3.3 – 9.9 lbs. of plastic recovered from the ocean and environment by the GOT BAG team and their waterproof coating is an environmentally friendly as well. They are dedicated to raising awareness about plastic pollution and turning the waste into something useful.

    Little Kamper is the zero-waste, 1lb propane tank exchange for camping and outdoor recreation. Simply buy their 1lb propane tank, use it like you would any other traditional propane tank, and when you are done, exchange it a participating retailer in order to reduce waste and single use cylinders.

    Life on the Go

    Hot Bento is a self-heating lunch box that uses batteries to create thermoelectric heat. It allows you to have a hot meal in 10 minutes-anywhere. No more paper bag lunches to the office, no more sharing a gross communal microwave. This sleek and advanced lunch box keeps you healthy while being fast and convenient.

    GoGirl’s mission is to help and empower women through life’s greatest adventures and challenges. Whether that adventure is climbing a mountain or recovering from surgery, GoGirl’s adventure kit is designed for women to relieve themselves with ease.

    Klean Freak is the shower in your pocket. This line of scented antibacterial and alcohol-free body wipes helps one stay clean and refreshed while on the go. Whether you are working up a sweat exploring the outdoors or just left a workout class, they will leave you smelling clean and fresh again.

    Tickless is the chemical-free tick and flea repeller. The device emits ultrasonic pulses that are imperceptible to humans, pets, or wildlife, but interfere with the ability of ticks and fleas to orient themselves. It is environmentally friendly, with no chemicals or fragrances.

    Fashion to Serve a Function

    SheFly patented zipper allows everyone to answer nature’s call comfortably and safely, without exposing skin to the elements or other people. Their pants have a second zipper that extends from beneath the traditional zipper to the back of the waistband. The design allows you to unzip only as far as you need to in order to maximize privacy on the trail, in the woods, or anywhere else nature may call.

    Pak-Jak is the wilderness jacket designed for backpacking enthusiasts. An interchangeable removeable back panel allows cool air to flow to your back and areas needed while your arms and core can stay warm.

    From hats to scarfs to gloves to gaiters and everything in between, Bula‘s complete line of winter accessories has the family covered. They also use recycled materials in about 70% of their product line.

    Gobi Heat’s outwear provides 3 levels of warmth in flattering, fashionable and safe accessories. From jackets to gloves, their heated products will keep you warm no matter where you are. Their new heated chair is perfect for camping, tailgates, bonfires and more.

    Stepping Up Snow Gear

    With a focus on innovation, AWKA SKIS technology allows you to double your ski hours with their freeride machine. The comfort of their skis pintail shape runs through the snow as if you were in the water and its sharp tips supports you on dust without effort.

    NORDIC-STEP is a universal shoe harness solution. The patented NORDIC-STEP allows multiple users to access a single set of cross-country skis regardless of shoe size or shoe/boot preference. The product combines modern snowshoe binding technology with a cross-country ski boot sole to allow any size or shape of winter footwear to be used as the “ski boot.”

    With Outdoor Retailers Summer Show took place June 9-11 in Denver, CO. Stay tuned for trends!

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