What is New & Next in the Drug and Convenience Market?

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    The National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) met at the end of August in Boston, Massachusetts, for the first time since 2019 for the annual Total Store Expo. NACDS Total Store Expo is the largest gathering for suppliers and retailers in the health and beauty industry. Companies attend in order to find the right partners to help them thrive in an ever-changing consumer environment. The show offers retailers and suppliers a unique opportunity to meet and build new relationships that will not only improve their bottom line, but also increase operational efficiency. Tomorrow happens here, and we got to see firsthand the innovations these companies have been working on.

    The Future of Pain Relief

    Abundant Natural Health is built on a foundation of science. The Australian-owned business manufactures in the U.S. with sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. Their ranges include Ocean Soothe to help with psoriasis and problematic skin conditions, as well as magnesium for natural pain relief and wellness. As the “Natural Pain Relief Company,” they strive to ensure customers receive natural relief that is affordable, uncomplicated, and with no side effects.

    Signal Relief has developed a new way to treat pain with a patch. The Signal Relief patch provides wearable relief,  formulated with drug-free technology, trusted by medical professionals, and guaranteed to offer relief, the company says. When Signal Relief is placed on the source of discomfort, the patch works to divert and reroute the imbalance, absorbing the message like a sponge through nanocapacitors.

    Nufabrx created medicine-infused fabrics that target pain at the source. Each of the company’s products has the medicine built-in to provide longer lasting all day pain relief — a new category they call HealthWear. Medicine delivery in clothing allows for all-day, long-lasting pain relief for areas such as knee, ankle, lower leg, arm, wrist or calf/shin.

    Probiotics Full of Benefits

    ProBiora Health are probiotics for the mouth to help balance the oral biome. Bad breath, tooth and gum problems like gingivitis are all caused by bad bacteria. ProBiora probiotics work to crowd out the bad bacteria that cause these issues, for fresher breath and a healthier mouth. The probiotics are unique with a blend of three naturally occurring strains of beneficial bacteria to specifically target and live on teeth and gums.

    MedisynBio delivers good health by modulating the microbiome, nurturing and nourishing your unique gut-biome. They use patented synbiotic formulas that are clinically proven to remedy dysbiosis. With a range or pre- and probiotics, geared towards different parts of the body.

    Natural Health & Beauty

    Forces of Nature has been healing the world since 1999. Founded by Dr. Peter Klapper, Ph.D., the company combines certified organic homeopathic medicines with certified organic concentrated essential oils to offer support for specific concerns. This one-two combination delivers a powerful and effective result.

    Since 1998, Hempz has made it their mission to unlock the beautifying, wellness-boosting power of hemp. Hemp seed oil is the key ingredient in each of the companuy’s products, delivering supple, nourished skin and healthy-looking hair. That’s why they say the secret is in the seed. All of their products are formulated with non-toxic, natural, plant-based ingredients.

    Oleavicin is nature’s remedy for a myriad of skin ailments. It unlocks the natural healing power of the olive leaf, delivering fast, lasting relief from shingles, cold sores, bug bites and chapped dry lips, according to the company. The products are botanical, plant-based and natural, and harness the power of the olive leaf sourced from their organic olive ranch in sunny California.

    Moonstone Nutrition’s Stone Stopper is the first of its kind OTC alkali citrate, which the company claims is proven to reduce the formation of kidney stones. Moonstone Stone Stopper works to stop all common kidney stone types from binding. The company says it’s safe for anyone to take and has no adverse effects. It is easy to take because it tastes great, and is available in gummy, capsule, or powder beverage form.

    Goodnest is reimagining bath time with gentle, eco-friendly baby bath essentials that are made to be refilled forever. They are looking out for the planet by eliminating single use plastics, like bottles of soap. Just buy their bottle once and keep using it with their refillable tablets. Gentle and natural formulations are better for the baby and the planet.

    The Humble Co. develops reliable health and wellness products that are eco-friendly and socially responsible, with an innovative twist. Their line of oral care products are developed by dentists to ensure they actually preform while using natural, biodegradable, and recycled ingredients. No harmful chemicals, no animal testing, all vegan, and FDA approved.

    Shaping the Future of Healthcare

    No more annoying daily alarms, the GeniusPillbox is an app-free smart pillbox. A built-in digital assistant learns the user’s pill-taking schedule over time. By using smart sensors in each compartment, it only alerts you when you forget to take your pill around your normal time, removing the need to turn off an annoying alarm every day.

    PioneerRx is on a mission to save and revitalize independent pharmacies. They believe that the best patient care happens in a personal, community setting. Pharmacists are the most accessible health care provider for many patients, and PioneerRx pharmacies are proving that convenience and enhanced clinical services are not reserved for large chains. As the most installed independent pharmacy software, PioneerRx is the tool of choice for innovative community pharmacies making a difference in shaping the future of healthcare.

    SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test was founded with the goal to make DNA-based prenatal and pediatric information accessible and affordable for parents everywhere. The company says it is the only 6-week gender test, and that parents don’t have to wait for a 20-week ultrasound anymore. It is now possible get the baby’s gender through an at-home blood test. It is recommended by OBGYNs and has a clinically proven 99% accuracy.

    The New Standard in Quality

    2San developed Clean Zero, which the company says is world’s first 100% environmentally friendly cleaning solution. Their novel formulation is made from re-engineered water and provides cleaning and disinfection to a hospital-grade standard. Designed for real-world use, Clean Zero is a chemical-free innovation that is ideal for all daily cleaning tasks on water washable surfaces. Their range of naturally derived cleaning products contributes zero waste, making it totally sustainable and are vegan-friendly.

    Trifecta-Pharma is a leader in the manufacturing and supply of high-quality oral rehydration salts, OTC topical ointments, creams, and gels. They develop, manufacture, market, and distribute special niche OTC products that are either no longer on the market or that are new to the market, all of the highest quality.

    United Sports Brand is a dynamic portfolio of leading, category-defining sporting goods brands, each rich in heritage and authenticity. Shock Doctor, McDavid, Cutters, Nathan and Glukos products are sold at top retailers in more than 65 countries. They offer sports performance and protective products that help athletes perform to their personal best. Guided by their core strengths and mantra: Prepare, Protect, Perform and Recover, they support athletes with a commitment to innovation and authentic brand experiences.

    You can catch us next year at NACDS Total Store Expo as the show moves to sunny San Diego, California from August 12-14, 2023.

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