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Coconut Recipes

In this latest addition to her collection of books on health and superfoods, Coconut: The Complete Guide to the World’s Most Versatile Superfood ($14.95,...
An Inflammation Nation, Sunil Pai

Inflammation Guide

An Inflammation Nation ($29.95, 424 pp) by Sunil Pai, MD, is a ten step guide that helps shoppers identify, reduce and eliminate triggers that...

Low-FODMAP Cooking

fodmapThe Low-FODMAP Cookbook ($22.99, 188 pgs.) by Diane Benjamin shares 100 recipes for individuals suffering with digestive difficulties. FODMAPs are carbohydrates that are not properly absorbed in the small intestine by people suffering from illnesses such as IBS, Crohn’s Disease or Colitis. The Low-FODMAP Cookbook eating plans detailing what to avoid and recipes for all times of the day.

Herbal Medicine


Integrative Herbalism ($4.99, 48 pages) by Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D., a fourth generation herbalist, illustrates the new science and healthful applications of herbal medicine via natural botanicals. In the book, Hobbs explains how these botanicals can help fight inflammation, strengthen immune function, fight infection, build natural energy, promote liver health, ease menopause and avoid stress risks through herbal remedies and changes to lifestyle and diet. According to the author, all findings are supported by modern research as well as thousands of years of traditional practices.

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable GardenStarter Vegetable Gardens ($19.95, 180 pp.) by Barbara Pleasant offers 24 no-fail plans for planting small organic gardens. The text guides beginners and experienced growers in how to plant seeds and correctly harvest plants. The author also offers tips for some problematic gardening problems that one may encounter.

New Food Discovery

Eat The Year: 366 Fun And Fabulous Holidays To Celebrate Every Day ($16.00, 432 pp) by Steff Deschenes, is the perfect tool to entertain...

Herbal Therapy & Supplements

Herwinstonbal Therapy & Supplements ($38.95, 550 pp), by Merrily A. Kuhn and David Winston, contains 16 new herb monographs that were not in the first addition. This guide discusses the traditional and scientific uses of 130 botanicals and supplements. This text has information on pharmacology, side effects, long-term safety and use in children and pregnancy.

Master Plants Cookbook, Margarita Restrepo, Michele Lastella

Superfoods Cookbook

Master Plants Cookbook ($24.00, 295 pp) by Margarita Restrepo and Michele Lastella is for shoppers looking to not only discover the links between ancient...

Jams and More

batchJoel MacCharles and Dana Harrison wanted to create a cookbook that served all beginners and experts in preserving and they did just that. Batch ($35, 352 pgs.) isn’t just about making jams. Batch details seven different preserving styles including waterbath canning, dehydration, salting and much more. Batch teaches readers how to get the most out of the ingredients in their kitchen.

Clean Food

Clean Food A Seasonal Guide to Eating Close to the Source ($30.00, 355 pp), by Terry Walters, cookbook author and clean food advocate, is a revised cookbook containing new “clean” recipes with gluten-free varieties. She focuses on using foods such as whole grains, vegetables, legumes, soy, nuts, seeds and fruits, and avoids foods that are processed and stripped of their natural nutrition. Walters also guides readers as to which items are available each season, and the basic techniques needed to prepare these foods deliciously.