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Rise & Shine, Kate Sullivan Morford

Krill Oil

Keep up to date on the ocean’s best source of omega-3s with The Thrill of Krill: What You Should Know About Krill Oil ($15.95,...

Vegan Comfort Food

Vegan Casseroles ($20.00, 200 pp) by Julie Hasson takes traditional comfort food casserole recipes and gives them a vegan twist, creating familiar flavors without cheese, eggs, butter, or cholesterol. This cookbook begins with a “Vegan Casserole Pantry” section, detailing some of the seasonings, flavorings, and ingredients you should be familiar with before going into the recipes, including certain brands that specialize in vegan ingredients. The recipes cover categories like One-Dish Appetizers, Pasta Casseroles, Old Favorites and New Twists and even Dessert Casseroles. Recipes include Taco Casserole, Hash Brown Gratin, Eggplant Parm, and Baked Coconut Rice Pudding.

Juicing/Blending Recipes

Juice.Blend.Taste by Cindy Palusamy contains over 150 beverage recipes including juices, smoothies, nut milks, iced tea, and more. Juice.Blend.Taste ($26.00, 192 pp) by Cindy Palusamy contains over 150 beverage recipes including juices, smoothies, nut milks, iced tea, and more. These recipes are the result of a collaboration between the author, owner of The Juicery juice bar and over 60 experts in the nutrition and integrative medicine fields. This book also has a “Juicing and Blending 101” section for first-timers to make sure they have the equipment they need, as well as advice on how to select ingredients for specific taste profiles and health/nutritional needs. Recipes include Cool Cucumber Lime Smoothies, Iced Hibiscus Tea, Spicy Dandelion Pineapple Juice, and Sea Buckthorn Shots.


The Complete Idiot's Guide Quinoa Cookbook ($18.95, 322 pp) is cookbook that explains the history, benefits and uses of the popular seed quinoa.  Author Susan Irby, “The Bikini Chef”, is known for her show Bikini Lifestyle.  In this book readers will find useful background and nutrition information about quinoa, as well as “Good-for-You Breakfasts”, “Really Tasty Lunches”, “Easy Snacks and Appetizers”, “Delicious Dinners” and more.  She also includes little “extras” throughout the book, with tips and information found in the sidebars.


The Calmful Holidays Book Now Available

A new free, downloadable eBook is now available from Organic Connections, Natural Vitality’s Journal of Calmful Living. The Calmful Holidays Book is intended to help...

Supplement Regulation

Health at Gunpoint ($14.95, 162 pp) gives readers a close look at the Food and Drug Administration. Author James J Gormley, an award-winning editor and journalist, exposes the FDA’s opposition to natural health products and how the organization is trying to limit access to dietary supplements in the United States. The book provides a history of the natural health movement and features charts and supplementary information.
SquareOne Publishers, 115 Herricks Road Garden City Park, NY 11040 www.squareonepublishers.com

Pasta Recipes

Gluten-Free Pasta ($20.00, 216 pp) by Robin Asbell includes more than 100 fast recipes for gluten-free, low- and no-carb pastas. The book is broken down into subcategories like Sauces, Baked Pastas and Soups. Recipes include Potato Gnocchi, Primavera Pasta, Greek Lamb Pastitsio, Fast Pho and Delhi-Style Greens and Pasta.

Frozen Paleo, Pamela Braun

Frozen Paleo Treats

Whether lactose intolerant or simply following the plaeo diet, Pamela Braun’s Frozen Paleo ($17.95, 158 pp), offers the ability to create ice creams and...

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable GardenStarter Vegetable Gardens ($19.95, 180 pp.) by Barbara Pleasant offers 24 no-fail plans for planting small organic gardens. The text guides beginners and experienced growers in how to plant seeds and correctly harvest plants. The author also offers tips for some problematic gardening problems that one may encounter.

Superfood Beverages

Turn to Superfood Juices, Smoothies & Drinks ($16.95, 239 pp) by Jason Manheim for drink recipes that provide healthy benefits along with flavors. Focusing on nutritious and accessible superfoods like apples, avacados, chia seeds, and spinach, this book provides drinks catered to certain health functions like immune support, organ health, and weight management. The recipes are every bit as diverse as their functions, with offerings like Chocolate Mint, Goji Beet, Chamomilk, and Ginger Fennel Tea. Newcomers can turn to the Superfood Drink Basics section for starter advice to make healthy juices and smoothies.