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The Top 20 Life-Changing Nutrients

The Top 20 Life-Changing Nutrients ($19.95, 246 pp), by Ward Bond and Peggy Nelson breaks down the most beneficial nutrients for your body and why you can’t and shouldn’t live without them. Through a detailed explanation of 20 nutrients, television host and author Ward Bond covers the essential elements needed to sustain a healthful lifestyle.

Clean Food

Clean Food ($19.95, 304 pp), by Terry Walters, provides more than 200 healthy recipes. This book is intended to be a go-to source for maintaining vitality throughout the year. The featured tips coincide with the seasons and are made from some of the most nutritious and delicious ingredients known to mankind.


Spices ($29.95, 127 pp), by Fabienne Gambrelle, brings you a wonderful two-book compilation: The History of Spices and The Flavor of Spices. Each book is beautifully embossed and encased in a hard-covered binding tied with a ribbon. The content of each book doesn’t disappoint, as they both detail the vast evolution of spices.

Omega3 Cuisine

Omega3 Cuisine ($19.95, 191 pp), by Alan Roettinger and Udo Erasmus, presents mouthwatering do-it-yourself recipes for health and pleasure. This book offers savory suggestions on how to integrate essential fats for a wholesome lifestyle. From sauces to salad and everything in between, this fun book is sure to delight any palate.

Health and Beauty from the Rainforest

Health and Beauty from the Rainforest ($29.50, 256 pp) offers a detailed description of Ramuan, the Malaysian art of healing. Through extensive pictures and clear text, the book covers everything from food to massage, and even elaborates on a bit of Malaysian history and tradition throughout the pages. This book draws on the expertise of Malaysian and international scholars, traditional healthcare practitioners and scholars.

The Simply Raw Living Foods Detox Manual

The Simply Raw Living Foods Detox Manual ($18.95, 176 pp), by Natasha Kyssa, outlines a 28-day detoxification program, which includes only raw and “living” foods. It is a gentle, effective method to cleanse the body of toxins and provides optimal nourishment for healing.


EstroG-100 (57 pp), by Judi Quilici Timmcke, Ph.D., explains the discovery and use of EstroG-100, a product that has achieved global success as a next-generation solution for menopause.

The Aromatherapy Encyclopedia

The Aromatherapy Encyclopedia ($19.95, 234 pp.), by Carol Schiller and David Schiller, contains concise, comprehensive information on 389 different plant oils. If an oil is available in the marketplace, chances are good it’s profiled in this book. The profiles for each entry include all botanical names, history, practical uses, documented properties and aromatherapy methods of use.

Nutraceutical and Functional Food Regulations in the United States and Around the World

Nutraceutical and Functional Food Regulations in the United States and Around the World, edited by Debasis Bagchi, Ph.D., is a worldwide overview and guide for regulatory executives, marketers and formulators in the nutraceuticals and functional foods market.