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Water Purification

SanteviaSantevia Pure EARTH Water purifies, mineralizes and alkalizes tap water. The system uses a natural, eight-step, gravity-drip process to improve tap water. It is 100% free of BPA plastic and the filter is comprised of all-natural compounds such as earthenware ceramic, coconut carbon charcoal, volcanic Zeolite and silica sand. Barlean’s is distributing the product in the United States.

At-Home Sous Vide

Tribest now offers the Tribest Souvant, a simple way to sous vide at home. This machine uses a 1,000-watt circulation system to rapidly heat...

Fire Log

Enviro-Log Firelogs are known as the greenest and most versatile firelogs on the market. They are made from 100% waxed-cardboard, are safe to cook...

Flushable Wet Wipes

Sterling Global Products, LLC sells flushable wet wipes in a dispenser that hangs beneath the toilet paper in three SKUs: Bou De’ Flushable Wipes...


New from Olbas, Black Currant flavored lozenges are now offered without added color.  The black currant flavor is combined with vitamin C, menthol, eucalyptus and natural flavors to provide “instant, cool, soothing relief.” The lozenges provide relief from coughs and sore throats and are both sugar and gluten free.

Organic Gardening

New organic gardening kits, called Real Organic—Real Easy, from Bethel Organics, include everything necessary to start an organic garden. The Seed Starting Kits contain seeds, soil tablets, fertilizer, wooden plant markers, a garden almanac and DOT planting pots. Instructions on planting are included in each kit, such as the tomato and basil kit. Other seed combinations will be available seasonally.


New from Tribest is the SoloStar 3. The new and improved juicer has a BPA-free housing, an Ultem Auger and is made with strong, more resilient parts that allow this model’s auger and juicer screen “to be 8 times harder than in previous models.” Available in a glossy back, the appliance also features low speed and high-yield output.

Recyclable Bottles

Bamboo Bottle Company has rolled out its line of bottles made from glass, bamboo and BPA-free plastic. These bottles are dishwasher-safe and guarantee clean drinking at all temperature levels. Doing your part to take care of the environment has just been made easier because these bottles can be used over-and-over again, virtually eliminating the need for traditional bottled water.
SRP: $25.00 for 17.6 oz bottle.

Kids’ Clothes

Teres Kids is an American-made clothing company for kids with a core focus of comfort. The line is appropriate for children who suffer from tactile sensitivities (such as eczema, allergies, sensory processing disorder and autism) because soft fabrics are used, seams are placed on the outside and no itchy tags are sewn in.

Cat Litter

World's Best Cat LitterWorld’s Best Cat Litter announces an overhaul of its packaging, Web site and logo to go along with changes in product names. The changes emphasize the whole-kernel corn litter’s high-performance odor control, clumping and natural ingredients.