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All-Purpose Cleaner

J.R. Watkins unveiled an addition to its line of all purpose cleaners: Grapefruit. The new scent joins a line of cleaners, housed in clear spray bottles, that already includes Aloe & Green Tea, Lemon, Lavender and Orange Citrus. The company promises that the products quickly remove grease and grime from most surfaces.

Toothbrush Sanitizer

Vermont Soap now offers Certified Organic Toothbrush Sanitizer, which kills bacteria on toothbrushes, dentures and bridgework. The natural spray is made from certified organic alcohol and organic essential oils. “Just one spray on your toothbrush after brushing and over one trillion germs bite the dust, instead of you,” says Larry Plesent, Vermont Soap’s founder.
SRP: $5.99

Natural Mouse Repellent

Var-Mint Natural Mouse Repellent is a long-lasting, non-toxic and easy-to-use product that is scientifically proven to repel mice. Available in a 15-box counter display,...

Produce Cleaner

eatCleaner Fruit + Vegetable Wash Powder from Grow Green Industries, Inc., is the newest addition to its line of all-natural and organic produce cleaners....

Insulated Tumblers

Klean Kanteen now offers food-grade 18/8 stainless steel double-insulated tumblers for coffee, tea or any other beverages. The mug is BPA free and designed...


New from Olbas, Black Currant flavored lozenges are now offered without added color.  The black currant flavor is combined with vitamin C, menthol, eucalyptus and natural flavors to provide “instant, cool, soothing relief.” The lozenges provide relief from coughs and sore throats and are both sugar and gluten free.

To-Go Packaging

Planglow USA launched its Gastro Collection, a range of premium, affordable gourmet to-go product containers. The Gastro Collection includes sandwich wedge boxes and wrap-pack...

Customizable Aprons


Enviro-Tote now offers customizable aprons. Aprons were designed with one strap that wraps around the neck, and cinches through the sides for easy size adjustments. Stores and companies can add their logo to the front and various colors are available.

Visceral Fat: The Hidden Menace

In our health-conscious society, the idea that thin equals healthy has been engrained into most people’s minds. However, thin does not always equal fit, and overweight or obese doesn’t automatically equate to unhealthy.

Ordering Software

ECR Software Corporation has come out with new software to make ordering quicker and easier for shop owners. CATAPulT 5.1 introduces 80 new functions such as the Auto Default PO, which allows ordering from more than one supplier at once , and driver’s license scanning for checking age and account information. ECRS says, “Our goal is to provide our customers with complete, front-to-back retail automation from one reliable and trusted partner.”