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Ordering System

orderdogOrderDog presents Order Express, an ordering efficiency service. Inventory items are scanned and orders transmitted via telephone, then purchases are put in to vendors automatically. It only requires a scanner, telephone, and a fax machine (or e-mail) to receive the order details.

Insect Repellent Line

Wondercide has introduced a naturally-derived insect repellent line including Insect Repellent for Kids + Family, Outdoor Pest Control for Yard + Garden and Mosquito...

Food-Service Grade Plant Based Mozzarella

Miyoko's Creamery has announced the launch of Cultured Vegan Pizza Mozz in two options: organic—made with cashew milk, and allergen-free—made with oat milk and...

Dental Care

Auromere Ayurvedic Imports introduces new Ayurvedic Toothpicks for healthy gums. The toothpicks are made from birchwood dipped in neem bark extract and essential oils to support gum health, remove food particles and freshen breath.
SRP: $3.95

Flushable Wet Wipes

Sterling Global Products, LLC sells flushable wet wipes in a dispenser that hangs beneath the toilet paper in three SKUs: Bou De’ Flushable Wipes...
pest repellent

Pest Control

earthkind now offers Stay Away pest repellents in varieties that naturally repel rodents, spiders, moths, ants and beetles without poisons or toxic materials. Ingredients...

DHA for Pets


Nordic Naturals introduces new Omega-3 Pet in liquid form. Formulas are available for cats and small breed dogs; medium to large breed dogs; and large to largest breed dogs. It is made from 100% wild-caught sustainable anchovies and sardines. This product allows for easy access to omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA for pet companions. Also available from Nordic Naturals are Omega-3 Pet soft gels.

Toothbrush Sanitizer

Vermont Soap now offers Certified Organic Toothbrush Sanitizer, which kills bacteria on toothbrushes, dentures and bridgework. The natural spray is made from certified organic alcohol and organic essential oils. “Just one spray on your toothbrush after brushing and over one trillion germs bite the dust, instead of you,” says Larry Plesent, Vermont Soap’s founder.
SRP: $5.99

Produce Cleaner

eatCleaner Fruit + Vegetable Wash Powder from Grow Green Industries, Inc., is the newest addition to its line of all-natural and organic produce cleaners....

Organic Dental Floss

RADIUS now offers Organic Biodegradable Silk Floss. According to the firm, the floss takes 60–90 days to biodegrade. The silk is sourced from mulberry trees in the mountains. The floss is coated with a natural, vegan candelilla wax.