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Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum on Sugar Addiction at Expo East 2017

WholeFoods associate editor Sebastian Krawiec speaks with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum at the EuroPharma Booth to discuss the over-consumption of sugar and its consequences.

At Expo East 2017 with Cheryl Myers of EuroPharma

WholeFoods editor-in-chief Laurie Petersen talks to Cheryl Myers at the EuroPharma booth at Natural Products Expo East 2017.

Retailer Spotlight: Cambridge Naturals

Stuart Tomc, VP of human nutrition at CV Sciences, talks to the folks at Cambridge Naturals, in Cambridge, MA. A pioneer among natural product...

How to Read a Probiotic Label

Click to hear podcast In this interview Natasha Trenev will introduce us to the probiotic standards adopted by the industry in the mid 1990’s. Few...

Cinnamon for Blood Sugar Support

Click to hear podcast The story of cinnamon as a nutritional supplement is an interesting one. I am always intrigued by the back story of...

Enhance Your Libido, Stamina, Performance and Pleasure!

Click to hear podcast A decrease in men’s testosterone level is a natural function of aging. Symptoms can include feeling excessively fatigued, weaker and depressed....

The Alkaline Way: What It Is and Why It Matters

Click to hear podcast The Alkaline Way is based on the most effective approaches to improve quality of life and sustain health and happiness. Since...

Retailer Spotlight: Grassroots Natural Market and Kitchen

Stuart Tomc, VP of human nutrition at CV Sciences, talks to the folks at Grassroots Natural Market and Kitchen, in South Pasadena, CA. This...

What is the Gut Microbiome? How You Can Support It

Here is what you need to know about your microbiome and how you can support healthy gut microbiota.This promotional video was provided and paid...

Dr. Cass Ingram Discusses Ticks and Protec-X *Sponsored Content*

Tick season is upon us and therefore the risk of contracting Lyme Disease is elevated. Dr. Ingram talks about his personal struggles with the...