163 Best Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes

The paleo diet is incredibly popular these days, but can be a challenge to follow. No refined sugars, no refined oils, no cheese and no grains/legumes!

Beating Arthritis: Alternative Cooking

Baker Dan, author of Beating Arthritis: Alternative Cooking, tells readers all about how he used specific foods to help him beat arthritis.

Cinnulin PF Is the Clinically Studied Form of Cinnamon: An Interview with Dr. Richard...

Steve Lankford talks with Dr. Richard Anderson about the benefits of cinnamon for blood sugar support.

Who is NOW?

NOW Foods created a short documentary, which includes answers to often-asked questions. The five minute video interviews NOW staff members about quality, research and development,...

WholeFoods Crowdfunding Livestream Event

Nancy Trent, president of Trent and Company, and Samantha DelCanto, CRO at FundAnything, offer valuable tips and practices for running a successful crowdfunding campaign...

Barlean’s Omega Swirl Omega 3

A funny video all about a smoothie form of fish oil from Barlean's called Omega Swirl.

Personalized Nutrition and The Supplement Pyramid

Michael A. Smith, M.D., senior health scientist for Life Extension and host of Healthy Talk radio, discusses personalized nutrition and his newest book:

Juicing Tips from Dr. Michael T. Murray

Michael T. Murray, N.D., a leading authority on natural medicine, talks about his newest book:

The Complete Book of Juicing.

WholeFoods Magazine 2013 Retailer Survey Webcast

Tune in to hear expanded analysis and merchandising tips from the 2013 WholeFoods Retailer Survey,

Interview with Chris Kilham

Naturex Facility TourAfter a tour through the Naturex facility in South Hackensack, NJ, WholeFoods editor/associate publisher Kaylynn Chiarello-Ebner spoke to "Medicine Hunter" Chris Kilham...