Retailer Guide to Vitamin K2 as Menaquinone-7

The Missing Nutrient Addressing a Newly Recognized Deficiency.

brain health aged garlic

Supporting Brain Energy, Focus and Memory

Click to hear podcast Who couldn’t use better brain health? I remember many years ago the conventional wisdom was that you can’t do much about...

Making Natural: Choosing the Right Probiotic

Dr. Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, MA, RD discusses what to look for when choosing a probiotic and Maria Mendres, NOW QR Microbiology Lab Supervisor describes...

Stuart Tomc of CV Sciences Talks CBD and Hemp

Interview from The Healthy and Natural Show Stuart Tomc, VP of Human Nutrition for CV Sciences sat down with WholeFoods Magazine to discuss CBD as...

Interview with Chris Kilham

Naturex Facility TourAfter a tour through the Naturex facility in South Hackensack, NJ, WholeFoods editor/associate publisher Kaylynn Chiarello-Ebner spoke to "Medicine Hunter" Chris Kilham...

Tips for Merchandising Organic Products

Interview from The Healthy and Natural Show Dan Lohman, CPSA, Organic & CPG Strategic Advisor for Category Management Solutions gives some tips for merchandising organic...

Kid Kritics Approved

What Kid Kritics have to say about the foods they taste.

Personalized Nutrition and The Supplement Pyramid

Michael A. Smith, M.D., senior health scientist for Life Extension and host of Healthy Talk radio, discusses personalized nutrition and his newest book:

Blood is Thicker Than Water

Click to hear podcast "Blood is Thicker Than Water," is the title of a paper written by Dr. Ralph Holsworth back in 2002. This was my first...