What the Science Says About CBD Liposome Absorption

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Indian for Everyone

What goes into a great Garam Masala?

Dr. Michael Murray Discusses Stress and Sleep

Steve Lankford speaks with Dr. Michael Murray on the health effects of stress, and lifestyle and supplemental approaches that can provide support in this area.

The Natural View: Expo East Preview

The Natural View Podcast is back! We'll be reporting on trends from Natural Products Expo East and much more. Follow us on Facebook at...

Relaxation without Drowsiness

Steve Lankford discusses the role of l-theanine in human nutrition and explores the science of Suntheanine.


The Role of Antioxidants in Inflammation and Repair

Click to hear podcast One of the pleasures of doing HealthQuestPodcast.com is that I am continuing to learn about how nutrition affects our health, our...

A Safe and Effective Path to Weight Management

Click here to listen.  In this interview I will discuss sustainable weight loss with Dr. Michael Lyon. Dr. Lyon is an obesity expert. His focus in research...

Sports Supplements for Athletes: My Interview with Tavis Piattoly

A Healthquest Podcast by Steve Lankford Click to hear podcast Tavis Piattoly Sports nutrition is big business. It is well understood that intensive nutritional support can help...

Personalized Nutrition and The Supplement Pyramid

Michael A. Smith, M.D., senior health scientist for Life Extension and host of Healthy Talk radio, discusses personalized nutrition and his newest book:

brain health aged garlic

Supporting Brain Energy, Focus and Memory

Click to hear podcast Who couldn’t use better brain health? I remember many years ago the conventional wisdom was that you can’t do much about...