Listen: Raising Baby Green (Podcast)

  Click to hear podcast More and more we are hearing concerns about the toxins in our environment and that dozens of toxins are already in...

Carotenoids For Macular Health* and Blue Light Protection (Podcast)

A Healthquest Podcast by Steve Lankford Click here to listen. People are now spending many hours a day looking at various device screens. The average American...

Natural Herbal Support for Weak Bladder and Incontinence

Steve Lankford talks with Tracey Seipel about a new herbal option for bladder support.

Neural Balance

Neural Balance Improves Anxiety, Stress, Sleep and Social Interactions

Click to hear podcast Does your child suffer with any of the following: lack of focus, aggression, irregular sleep patterns, social anxiety and/or social withdrawal?...

Are your food supplements free of Glyphosate Chemical Residue? How do you know?

Click here to listen. In this interview we are discussing the risks of glyphosate in food production. We also discuss the very personal story of...
Joint Support, Clinical Joint Support Male Athlete

Clinical Joint Support for Male Athletes

Click to hear podcast Your cartilage is made primarily of collagen. So are your tendons and ligaments. The amount, and condition, of collagen is by...

Clinically Tested Probiotic Promotes Healthy Vaginal Microflora

Click to hear podcast We all know the big news about probiotics and the benefits to the digestive system. What is not as well known...

The Importance of Omega-3 Oils

Steve Lankford talks to Brenda Watson about omega-3's vital role for digestive health.

What’s the Story on Hemp CBD Oil?: An Interview with Stuart Tomc

One of the challenges facing consumers is finding high quality CBD oil from reputable companies like Cannavest. In this interview, we hear from Stuart Tomc of Cannavest, which produces 90% of the world’s CBD oil.

Listen: The Challenge of Iron Deficiency for Women

Click to Hear Podcast A full 10% of women between ages 12 and 49 are deficient in iron. Let me say I am a big fan of...