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The Truth About Sports Nutrition

Additionally, while not classified as a supplement in the sports nutrition field, there are several other “supplements” that are debated about, including caffeine and other stimulants. Sugarek MacDonald says, “It is ironic that even though bodybuilders and athletes treat their bodies like temples, sports nutrition brands continue to load their supplements with unhealthy ingredients (e.g., excess protein, excess stimulants, excess sugar, artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors, etc.).”

Innovation in Beverage Packaging

 While two years of global economic slowdown has focused beverage packaging innovation as much upon cost and materials savings as value-added and convenience, in an increasingly complex, competitive and diversified marketplace, packaging innovation remains a key factor in creating differentiation at the point of sale and determining consumer purchasing choice.

Social Responsibility toward Khoi-San People of South Africa and the Traditional Uses of Sceletium...

In southwest Africa, there lives a tribe of people known as the San, who are believed to be  the direct ancestors of modern humans who roamed the territory about 60,000 years ago.

Expo West 2012 Exhibitors


Be sure to stop by the booths of all the advertisers from the March 2012 issue of WholeFoods Magazine.



Exhibitor                         Booth Number

A.C. Grace Company – #1277

Alpha Packaging – #330

America’s Finest Inc./Sabinsa Corp. – #313

Ancient Essence, Inc. – #5811

Teen Multivitamin

Rainbow Light has two new items in its Vibrance food-based multivitamins line; Young Men’s Multivitamin plus Healthy Skin Support and Teen Girl’s Multivitamin plus...

Expo East Showcase

Check out these companies at Expo East 2011, and click through to visit their websites.

You’re Invited: WholeFoods Livestream Event

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GNC Courting Chinese Buyers

Pittsburgh, PA—As Chinese consumers become more health conscious, and rely more heavily on vitamins and supplements, Chinese companies are looking to cash in on...

Probiotics International, Ltd.

Get more information from Probiotics International, Ltd. about its latest product offerings.

April 2016 ad, as it appeared in WholeFoods Magazine:

EuroPharma, Inc.

Get more information from EuroPharma, Inc. about its latest product offerings.

April 2016 ad, as it appeared in WholeFoods Magazine: