The Truth About Sports Nutrition

There are many safe, natural and nutritional products available to support everyone from daily joggers to weekend warriors to those that want to bulk up.Here's a rundown of a few common myths about sports nutrition, and the facts and research to disprove them.

June 2014: Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
The March article, “Industry Trailblazers and the Fight for Health Freedom,” was interesting, but sad in that it fails to mention the health-freedom groups that fought to get DSHEA passed. Perhaps in later articles?

Scott Tips
Editor, Health Freedom News
President and Legal Counsel for
National Health Federation

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Five in Five

The past five years has been a busy time in the natural products industry. Here are some key issues that have developed since 2009, and had profound effects on the industry. Commenting on these issues are WholeFoods columnists Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D., author of Vitamin Connection; Legal Tips writer Scott Tips, president of Natural Health Federation; and Merchandising Insights author Jay Jacobowitz, founder of Retail Insights.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
It was great fun to read Heather Wainer’s article about her adventures in South America with Vitamin Angels in the October issue of WholeFoods Magazine. The piece was very touching. Well done.

Debate: Omegas

Hear from the experts on which sourve of omega is best.