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Review of Clinical Studies on Phase 2 White Kidney Bean Extract and Weight Loss

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Optimizing The Omega-3 Index With Krill Oil

This white paper, funded by Aker BioMarine, shows the advantages of krill oil in regards to raising a person's Omega-3 index, potentially being more effective...

100% of Women Taking Satiereal Report Decreased Hunger

Satiereal from P.L. Thomas is a satiety ingredient with demonstrated clinical efficacy confirmed double‐blind against placebo.

Natural Pterostilbene: Bioactive Nutrient

What do healthful berries, red wine and an Ayurvedic medicinal preparation for cardiovascular wellness, Drakshasava, have in common? Find out in this white paper from Sabinsa Corp.

Graminex G63 Flower Pollen Extract for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Men

This white paper, sponsored by Graminex, discusses the benefits of flower pollen extract for prostate support. Download the report here. Attachment Size graminex.pdf 739,44 KB

Vitamin K2: An Essential Nutrient in the Pursuit of Heart Health

Calcification is believed to be an unfortunate result of aging, but studies show that arterial calcification is, in fact, an actively regulated process. Recognized...

The Capabilities and Limitations of DNA Barcoding of Botanical Dietary Supplements

A new white paper from four expert scientists assessing the capabilities and limitations of DNA barcoding for herbal supplements. The group says not much research...

Understanding the Podcast Audience

One of the fastest growing marketing tools is Playable on Demand multimedia…A.K.A podcasting.  In 2005, Forrester Research predicted that podcasting was poised for rapid growth.  In 2008, Edison Media conducted a survey with results indicatingvalidating that Forrester’s predictions are coming true.  Podcasting audiences in 2008 wereare almost double those in 2006, and continuing to increase. 

Biochemical Markers Observed in Epicor Studies

A review of the benefits of EpiCor.

How to Avoid and Respond to FDA Warning Letters: Guide for U.S. FDA-Regulated Organizations

The following article shows three excerpts from some of the more common "observations" noted in Warning Letters during 2008-2009.