What’s Selling: February 2014

What’s Selling is a monthly review of the best-selling products determined from unit sales at six natural products stores around the country, rotated from a base of selected stores. The intention is to provide indications of sales trends.

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Healthy Treasure, Inc., Newton Falls, OH (1,200 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: NOW Foods, Liquid Vitamin D3 1000 IU;
Natural-Immunogenics, Sovereign Silver;
Green Foods Corp., Matcha Green Tea;
ReNew Life, Ultimate Flora RTS Daily Probiotic

FOOD: Against the Grain Gourmet, Gluten-Free Pesto Pizza;
Beanitos, Full line;
Berlin Natural Bakery, Full line

HABA: Beauty Without Cruelty, Full line;
Organic Essence, Lip Balm, Shea Cream, Shea Butter;
The Soap Works, Full line

BEVERAGES: Zevia, Full line;
Millennium Products, GT’s Kombucha

UP & COMING: Ice Chips Candy, Full line;
DeLand Bakery Millet Bread, Full line;
Unreal Brands, Unreal Candy Unjunked

Nature’s Farmacy, White Oak, PA (500 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Grape Seed Extract (All brands);
Aloe Vera (All brands);
Anti-Aging Products (All brands);
Nature’s Sunshine, Nutri-Burn;
Entrenet Nutritionals, Whey Protein;
It Works!, Ultimate ProFIT Whey Protein

FOOD: MET-Rx, Protein Bars;
Cliff Bar, Protein Bars

HABA: derma e, Full line;
Young Living, Essential Oils

UP & COMING: Whey Protein (All brands);
NutriBullet, Drinks

Whole Health Center Natural Foods,
Abingdon, VA (1,000 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Bio Nutrition, Garcinia Cambogia;
Life’s Fortune Vitamins,  Multi-Vitamin;
Natural Vitality, Peter Gillham’s Natural Calm

FOOD: Udi’s, Gluten-Free White Breads;
Bragg Live Foods, Apple Cider Vinegar;
Spectrum, Chia Seeds

HABA: Nature’s Way, Boericke & Tafel Arniflora Arnica Gel;
Auromere, Freshmint Toothpaste;
Kiss My Face, Olive Bar Soaps

BEVERAGES: Millennium Products, GT’s, Trilogy Kombucha;
Hansen Beverage Co., Blue Sky New Century Cola;
Ginseng UP, Cola

UP & COMING: Julian Bakery, Paleo Bread;
Sacred Chocolate, Mylk Chocolate;
Hail Merry, Miracle Tart Meyer Lemon

Bonanza Health Foods, Billings, MT

SUPPLEMENTS: Nature’s Way, Umcka Cold & Flu;
Nature’s Way, Sambucus;
Nature’s Way, Alive Gummy Vitamins

FOOD: Simply Shari’s, Gluten-Free Shortbreads;
Dreamfields Foods, Pasta;
Canyon Bakehouse, Gluten-Free Bread (Full line)

HBC: OraMedix, SoFresh Flossing Toothbrush (Soft);
NutraMarks, Inc., Life-Flo Fractionated Coconut Oil;
Deodorant Stones, Thai Deodorant Crystals

BEVERAGES: LaCroix, Sparkling Coconut Water;
Metromint, Full line;
Reed’s Inc., Virgil’s Bavarian Nutmeg

UP & COMING: JJ’s Sweets, Cocomels Caramels;
NutraMarks, Inc., Life-Flo Pure Magnesium Flakes;
Bach, Rescue Remedy Pets Full line

Sanjevani Health & Lifestyle Center,
 Albuquerque, NM (1000 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Sanjevani Nutraceuticals, Bosmeric-SR;
Ascenta Health, NutraSea+D 2x Concentrated;
Sanjevani Nutraceuticals, Multivitamins
HABA: Epicuren Discovery, Protein Mist Enzyme Activated Toner;
Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, Liquid Foundation;
Essential Oxygen, 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Anacortes Health + Nutrition, Anacortes, WA (1,500 ft2)

SUPPLEMENTS: Nature’s Way, Alive! Women’s Multivitamin;
NOW Foods, Curcumin;
Garden of Life, RAW Probiotics

FOOD: Bragg Live Foods, Apple Cider Vinegar;
Bob’s Red Mill, Flaxseed Meal;
Kind Bars, Full line

HABA: Mill Creek Botanicals, Biotin Shampoo;
NOW Foods, Wrinkle Rescue Moisturizer;
Thayers Natural Remedies, Witch Hazel Astringent

BEVERAGES: Millennium Products, GT’s Kombucha;
Reed’s Inc., Ginger Brew;
GURU, Energy Drinks

UP & COMING: NutraMarks, Life-Flo, Argan Shine Shampoo;
Fungi Perfecti, Host Defense, MyCommunity;
Garden of Life, RAW Meal

















Published in WholeFoods Magazine, February 2014